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Ads will appear in every Youtube video from June 1st

Today YouTube is the most popular video hosting service globally that allows users to view, rate, upload, and share videos. Today the number of daily video views on the site is near 4 billion. YouTube is in almost everyone’s life, which is why it’s so important to understand the innovations.

What’s new on YouTube?

One of the important news on the latest technology is about new rules on Youtube. The new rules of video hosting prohibit the collection of data to identify the user. This includes facial recognition. Also, from June 1st, 2021 came into force “the right of YouTube to monetize content”. Now the service can insert ads in all videos on the platform without the copyright holder’s consent. Previously, ads could only appear in videos whose authors monetize their channels. So now, there won’t be a single video on YouTube without advertising, even if the author has opted out of the service’s affiliate program.

Also, the service began charging a 24% tax on all content creators living outside of the U.S. However, the tax will be only on profits derived from direct views in the U.S. and through the service YouTube Premium and sponsorship. The new terms also apply to Youtube kids. If a child uses the service, the parent must accept the rules on their behalf.

What’s the benefit to YouTube

All revenue from ad integrations into videos on channels that aren’t popular enough or don’t seek to profit from their content will go to YouTube’s budget.

Google attributes such actions to the need for “ongoing investment in YouTube’s development” and to help advertisers connect with their audiences and grow their businesses. Changes have long been in force in the U.S., and from June 1st, 2021, they began to work worldwide.

How to use this situation to your advantage

No one likes a lot of advertising in a video. Therefore, some bloggers intentionally don’t monetize their content. This way, they take care of their viewers by reducing the amount of advertising when they watch. Because of this attitude, many treat the actions of the Youtube service with negativity. However, novice video bloggers can find advantages in this for the development of their channel. To enable monetization and become a YouTube partner, a user needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views. Until then, all the profit from the author’s videos goes to YouTube. Many people think this is unfair, but some understand how to use it.

A novice author can see what ads the service has identified to their video. If it fits the theme of his material, and the ads are interesting enough, that’s a massive signal from YouTube to do more videos like that. And through analyzing the ads, by the time they are monetized, the user will be making appropriate content and will be ready to work with advertisers.

So don’t get mad at Youtube because of the large number of ads in the videos. After all, you can use it to understand the right direction of your content, meet future advertisers and develop your channel.

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