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Australia will abandon Israel’s military technology

The Australian Armed Forces will refuse to use the Battle Management System (BMS) which has been delivered by Israeli defense company Elbit for the last decade. This was reported by Australian Defense magazine.

The magazine also says that the country’s authorities informed Elbit of the decision with no clarifications concerning their refusal to continue using their equipment. Breaking technology one news article also contains information regarding this event.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported that lately the pressure has escalated between the Israeli company and the Australian Department of Defense. The Elbit company has introduced big bonuses since it owns a monopoly on supplying such technology to Australians, military experts say.

What were BMS providing for Australians

A battlefield management system or BMS allows direct personnel to coordinate their actions during multiplex combat operations using electronic displays of maps and other analytical battle data. The system was first introduced in 2009 and by 2015 it was fully operational.

Several years later Elbit won a five-year tender in Australia for a $150 million contract with a seven-year extension option.

The Israeli defense firm’s BMS-M is integrated into at least a thousand Australian Army vehicles, and the BMS-D version is exploited by more than 1,500 of the country’s military.

The system is approaching the end of its useful life in the coming months and Canberra is preparing a new tender for the supply of this technology. The ABC also announced that the country’s military leadership is thinking about giving its next tender to a military technology company from the USA.

BMS special is a system that is designed to integrate the collection and processing of information to improve the command and control of a military unit.

The system has several important key features. So, it provides automated reporting and distribution of orders in a graphical form. Also, BMS integrated for secure data transmission, IP interfaces for other communications, and has a peripheral interface for touch displays.

The system offers reconnaissance, surveillance, and target capacity, as well as the ability to conduct flight analysis and post-audit analysis.

Reasons for abandoning Israeli equipment for the army

It was reported that military sources informed ABC that the Department of Defense believes equipment supplied by Elbit could accommodate some sensitive and important information, prompting a directive that it cannot be set up or available on certain military systems.

BMS Elbit has allowed army leaders to replace cards and analog radios with high-end digital, encrypted technology and networks for coordinating their units in the field and protecting data.

Earlier, an army directive also required that items such as USB sticks and software should not be given out to users, and a special signal support team would collect and quarantine them.

It was also reported that the defense should stop using the BMS-C2 as scheduled to prepare for the transferring to an interim BMS.

Managing Director at Elbit Systems of Australia retired Major General Paul McLachlan, claimed that the company will continue to work with the Australian Defense Forces meeting networking requirements. In a statement, he also categorically denied existing suggestions that the company’s product posed any danger.

Raising safety concerns

Technology one news report that some worries over the safety of Israeli military technology supplied to the Australian army are drawing the attention of Britain, which is Australia’s key intelligence-sharing ally.

The ABC may disclose that the British military reached out to the Australian Defense Forces last year to learn more about the potential concerning Elbit Systems’ BMS.

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