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Chinese scientists have developed a versatile fabric

Сhina is a leading country when it comes to inventions. In the past few years, they have developed the world’s first qualified robot doctor, the largest floating solar power plant, the first operational drone delivery program, and many others.

One of the latest news on technology is the Chinese development of versatile fabric.

Versatile fabrics represent clothes and clothing brands with high-quality, high-performance fiber production and the fashion industry.

Scientists apply the products in various spheres: rescue clothing, medicine, health care, ecology, environmental protection, military, and aerospace.

What are “smart” fabrics, and why do we need them?

Electronic informative “smart” fabrics are used widely by scientists. The latest news on technology states that they are the most hopeful textile “smart” fabrics. People can use them for medical purposes. For example, medical shirts that doctors use to remotely monitor the temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and other patients data.

In an emergency, the hospital can locate it using the positioning system on the shirt. There are “smart” socks, “smart” baby coveralls, and other similar “smart” clothing used for medical purposes in case of emergency.

Also, users can check the time, distance, energy consumption, intensity, and other exercise parameters such as heart rate during a sport session or fitness.

The development of versatile fabric

Chinese scientists have created a flexible and durable fabric that we can use as a display.

Project manager Huisheng Pen stated that the material is similar in functionality to a computer or smartphone.

The base of the invention is transparent luminescent fibers. When it interknit, fiber forms micrometer electroluminescent blocks, resembling those in the screens of digital displays. Low microampere current goes through this intertexture and supplies electroluminescent blocks with power.

Scientists have managed to make a textile display six meters long and 25 cm wide. According to Peng Huisheng, the versatile fabric can be any size. Its brightness, said the scientist, remains stable when bending and even when stretched.

As part of the work, scientists were able to create several prototypes demonstrating the possibilities of the practical application of the new fabric. The most impressive of these was a shirt sleeve with a fabric display, touch panel, solar panel, and battery.

Scientists wove these fiber components into the fabric of the sleeve using a sewing machine. The researchers then connected an external control unit with a microcontroller and a Bluetooth module to them. The system allows you to display messages from your smartphone on the clothes notification display and use it for navigation.

The advantage of the invention is its durability. The creators actively crumpled and flexed the fabric. Also, they washed it 100 times by placing steel balls in the machine, which increased wear, but in the end, the brightness of the pixels of the experimental display remained almost unchanged.

Nowadays, the usage of most individual items of “smart” fabric textiles is simple. Developers can improve the functionality by adding physiological monitoring, waterproof and moisture permeability, temperature control, and others all in one item.

Scientists are still researching “smart” fabric textiles, and there is a lot of information still to learn.

The main task, for now, is the functionality of the fabric. In the future, developers will consider wearing comfort, folding ability of the material and improve it according to customers’ needs.

Safety and environment-friendliness

The safety of the material and its environmental friendliness is an essential task for scientists. In particular, “intelligent” textile fabrics must not harm the human with electromagnetic radiation.

Also, the latest news on technology pays close attention to energy conservation and environmental protection during production.


If “smart” fabrics are affordable to the general public, it will bring more potential buyers, which only helps its development.

Future of versatile fabric

Intelligent fabric textiles have various spheres where people can implement them. They will be of great importance in medicine and healthcare, sports and recreation, aviation, the army, and other fields.

The quality of life will significantly improve by encouraging the technological development of fabrics, textiles, clothing, electronic information, materials, and other spheres.

Different countries all over the world are not only developing this technology but also implementing them in daily life. America, Germany, and China spend millions of dollars on the development of versatile fabric. In the foreseen future, countries like Great Britain. Australia, Canada, and other English-speaking countries can implement these types of technology in their medical, sport, or other spheres of life.

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