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Credo AI announced partnership with Databricks

This new integration will enhance AI governance for the enterprise and organizations’ ability to deploy new AI applications safely and at scale

Credo AI, a global leader in AI governance software, today announced its partnership with Databricks, the Data and AI company. As a Databricks Technology Partner, Credo AI brings its leading AI governance platform together with the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, making it easier for organizations to adopt responsible, compliant, safe AI at scale.

Responsible AI development requires that AI developers and providers are transparent about their AI systems throughout the development lifecycle. The Credo AI Governance Platform is the centralized repository for organizations to track and manage AI risk and compliance, and, as a Databricks Technology Partner, Credo AI makes it easier for organizations to bring all of their existing data and evidence into governance.

“Together, Databricks and Credo AI are set to revolutionize how organizations approach AI governance, making it more efficient to meet emerging regulations and to generate crucial governance artifacts,” said Navrina Singh, Founder & CEO at Credo AI. “This partnership is not just a step forward for us but a giant leap for the industry in responsible AI development.”

Credo AI’s partnership and integration with Databricks makes it easier for organizations to leverage data and evidence already stored in the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. This will allow organizations to accelerate their compliance efforts, especially for emerging regulations like the EU AI Act, which will require model providers and downstream developers to self-assess the risk of their AI systems, perform conformity assessments, maintain auditable registries, and monitor performance in addition to meeting transparency obligations based on the a model’s risk category.

Credo AI’s integration with MLFlow makes it easy to seamlessly pull models into governance, and to automatically translate model metrics and metadata into Model Cards and other required governance artifacts like AI Impact Assessments. With this integration, generating such artifacts and documentation will be significantly less burdensome on AI teams.

“As companies develop their AI strategies, they realize how critical governance is to ensure a safe, responsible and compliant adoption of AI at scale,” said Roger Murff, VP of Technology Partners at Databricks. ”We’re excited to partner with Credo AI to bring AI policy intelligence to the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform.”

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