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Eight tech firms vow to build ‘more ethical’ AI with UN

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Eight global technology companies including Microsoft and Mastercard on Monday pledged at a forum in Slovenia to build ‘more ethical’ AI in accordance with UNESCO’s framework of principles.

The deal comes after UNESCO in 2021 adopted its Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, which is based on “the promotion and protection of human rights, human dignity, and ensuring diversity and inclusiveness”.

The other six signatory firms were GSMA, the Lenovo Group, INNIT, LG AI Research, Salesforce and Telefonica.

The companies agreed to integrate the values and principles of UNESCO’s 2021 framework “when designing and deploying AI systems”, according to a statement.

The deal obliges the signatories to “guarantee human rights in the design, development, purchase, sale, and use of AI”.

It also calls on them to carry out due diligence in a bid to “meet safety standards and identify the adverse effects of AI” while aiming to prevent and mitigate them.

“This alliance of the public and private sectors is critical to building AI for the common good,” UNESCO chief Audrey Azoulay said in a statement.

Following the 2021 ethical framework on AI use, “today, we are taking another major step by obtaining the same concrete commitment from global tech companies,” she added.

Monday’s agreement between the UN body and the eight technology companies was signed in the Slovenian city of Kranj at the second UNESCO Global Forum on AI.

While the EU lacks powerful AI companies, the bloc has recently stepped up the pace of regulating the technology in response to rapid advances.

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