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EXAIR Varistat Benchtop Ionizer

EXAIR’s Varistat Benchtop Ionizer is designed to neutralise static on charged surfaces in industrial settings. Utilising ionizing technology, the Varistat is a hands-free solution that requires no compressed air and provides a constant stream of particulate-free and static-eliminating air. Easily mounted on benchtops or machines, this static eliminator is manually adjustable and suitable for processes needing comprehensive coverage, like part assembly, web cleaning, printing and more.

Once plugged in, the ionizer is designed to provide rapid static decay capable of reducing 1000 V to 100 V in 0.8 s. This product features two replaceable ion emitter points and two 30 PPI foam filters for optimal performance over extended periods, as well as LED lights to signify proper function. Offering customisable options like selectable voltage, variable fan speed and adjustable polarity, the benchtop ionizer is a comprehensive solution for eliminating static and removing dust, debris and other troublesome particulate.

The Varistat is also UL listed and CE compliant. The complete line of Gen4 Static Elimination products includes the Super Ion Air Knives, Ion Air Cannons and Ion Air Guns, and are available from Compressed Air Australia.


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