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Facilio rolls out Connected Refrigeration solution to cut energy costs for multi-site food retail stores

HomeIoT NewsFacilio rolls out Connected Refrigeration solution to cut energy costs for multi-site food retail stores

Facilio, a New-York headquartered proptech company known for its suite of smart buildings software, has rolled out a cloud-based supervisory control platform that enables remote monitoring and optimisation of refrigeration systems. The company’s Connected Refrigeration solution delivers up to 20% savings in energy for multi-site food retailers including grocery, convenience store and supermarket operators.

“In the retail industry, the front-end technology has seen incredible advances, while the back-end store operations have not evolved or changed much. There is still heavy reliance on store-level siloed systems. It’s an area ripe for transformation.

Our Connected Refrigeration solution helps retailers take control of their refrigeration systems, providing real-time visibility into the performance of their assets across all sites, enabling them to make informed decisions and reduce costs,” says Raj Subramanian, co-founder & CPO at Facilio.

The Retail, Food Service, and Grocery sectors spend over $41 billion on energy annually, representing 14 billion square feet of floor space in the U.S alone. Food cooling and refrigeration account for over 50% of the store’s energy costs. With Facilio’s Connected Refrigeration solution, food retailers have a $4.1 billion (€3.76 billion) opportunity in energy cost savings.

Facilio lets retail store owners & operators optimise existing refrigeration systems to get ROI within 6 months and save up to 20% in refrigeration energy costs. Guaranteed outcomes include reduction in maintenance costs, service calls, and refrigerant leak rates.

Among the early adopters of Facilio’s Connected Refrigeration Solution is one of the ‘big four’ supermarket chains in the UK for whom Facilio has delivered a 16% savings in energy and eliminated the cost of undetected refrigerant leaks within weeks of deploying the software. Facilio has also partnered with US-based IoT solutions provider, Tutenlabs to drive value for more than 10,000 retail sites across the country. 

Facilio is trusted by forward-thinking enterprises such as Investa, British Land and ICD Brookfield to transform and future-proof their building portfolios. Facilio’s other product offerings include the Connected CMMS Suite, a single system of record for O&M operations & Connected Buildings Suite, an IoT-enabled platform for energy & carbon efficiencies.

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