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Fragomen plans to enter the global market

Fragomen, a high-end global immigration firm, enters the international arena to provide its services. The American company announced the acquisition of Nomadic, a provider of innovative technology solutions for short-term travel. The business purchase is expected to enable the company to further expand its customer-centric technology offerings. Thus, Nomadic will form an important part of Fragomen. Australian technology news gives some details about this acquisition.

What are the benefits of cooperation between two stated companies? Using Nomadic technology, Fragomen will offer innovative solutions for the management of business travelers. The new services will include a wide range of offerings ranging from preliminary assessments to visa applications, as well as, if required, filing of compliance documents at the destination.

Fragomen Chairman Austin T. Fragomen, Jr. said the acquisition of Nomadic will help the company meet its clients’ immigration, movement, and flexibility needs, while also reinforcing the company’s business in the future. The company has many clients all over the world who face problems that need to be solved every day. It is considered that due to the incorporation of Nomadic into Fragomen Technologies Inc. clients will be able to receive comprehensive services and the most suitable solutions for their traveling experience and immigration needs.

Previously, Fragomen entered into a strategic alliance to collaborate and strengthen marketing activities in the area of ​​migration services with PwC UK. This agreement enabled both companies to unite to provide integrated services to their clients, and thereby will expand their practice of providing migration services.

Nomadic services to help Fragomen in expanding the services

Nomadic is a travel document management provider. The company’s features include:

  • Preliminary compliance assessment based on Fragomen materials with data from over 170 countries.
  • Automated online submission using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to ensure an accurate and fast process
  • A special traveler profile that safely and conveniently stores the traveler’s history and data, eliminating the need to re-enter information.
  • Available GPS function to track the location of the traveler in real-time in the current immigration jurisdiction.
  • API integration that can include data from the tool into client systems.
  • New travel requirements in the wake of the pandemic will be included as controls appear from the worldwide health crisis.

Regional enhancements are also expected to be released to address specific local regulatory compliance needs.

Perspectives for the company and clients

Companies will work with clients to develop service models that complement domestic immigration functions. This should provide the benefits of an improved user experience, market-competitive pricing, and efficiency gains.

While the coronavirus epidemic has halted most business travel in 2020, major markets are starting to recover, and travel restrictions are being lifted. As global travel reopens, comprehensive oversight of business travel and cross-border travel will become critical for Fragomen’s customers. Besides, this purchase can somehow influence European, African and Australian technology news.

About Fragomen company

Fragomen is an international migration services company, a member of Am Law 100 and Am Law Global 100, with more than fifty offices worldwide, located in strategic commercial locations in America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. The company’s wide presence allows it to provide immigration services in more than 170 countries around the world. For more than 65 years, Fragomen has represented and worked in partnership with many companies, providing comprehensive support for recruiting and mobilizing the workforce in various countries. Fragomen employs about four thousand immigration professionals and technical staff, including 550 lawyers and related professionals.

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