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Gen-AI tools deliver unprecedented, near-perfect data accuracy

Latest results deliver 99% accuracy, ready for enterprise decisioning following benchmark test

Stratio BD, a leading generative AI and data specialist, today announces that generative AI tools are 99% accurate when used with Stratio Business Semantic Data Layer and can be trusted by enterprises to inform decision making, following a landmark test.

As a result, employees with any level of technical expertise can use generative AI tools to run complex data queries and immediately receive accurate answers, provided Stratio’s Business Semantic Data Layer is also applied. 

The test replicated a benchmark previously conducted by, which found that ChatGPT-4’s accuracy increased threefold when connected to a knowledge graph. But Stratio BD found that ChatGPT-4 was able to accurately answer data queries conducted on large amounts of data, up to 99% of the time.

The significant increase  was the direct result of using Stratio BD’s Business Semantic Data Layer, which connects large data sets with business meaning via semantic ontologies and a knowledge graph, so that they can be easily accessed and interpreted by generative AI tools and employees alike. 

The benchmark test involved asking ChatGPT-4 to answer a set of insurance related business questions, such as ‘What is the average time to settle a claim?’ using information from a standardised dataset. 

ChatGPT was first asked to answer these questions without the support of Stratio BD’s Business Semantic Data Layer and achieved an accuracy rate of 17%. The LLM was then asked the same questions with the support of a 3rd party knowledge graph and reached an accuracy rate of 69%. However, when using Stratio’s solution this figure increased dramatically to up to 99%. 

Óscar Méndez, CEO and Co-Founder at Stratio BD, said: “Armed with instant and accurate answers, business leaders should have total confidence in adopting and deploying generative AI tools to investigate their business data. 

“The only obstacle that remains for business leaders when it comes to capitalising on the generative AI boom is the limits of their collective imaginations.”

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