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HeadSpin Accelerates Its Investment in Agile, DevOps, and Synthetic Observability with Atlassian Ventures’ Funding

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — HeadSpin today announced a strategic investment from Atlassian Ventures. Atlassian Ventures invests in companies that add value to Atlassian’s three core markets – work management for all, IT service management and agile & DevOps – with the goal of delivering differentiated innovation to its ecosystem of 250,000 cloud customers. This investment is a testament to the success of HeadSpin’s mission to enable organizations to swiftly iterate and provide top-notch digital experiences. The funding will also help add DevOps tools to the HeadSpin Platform, giving teams the ability to proactively monitor and enhance app performance. Additionally, with Atlassian Ventures’ funding, HeadSpin will further invest in synthetic observability, to enable its customers to simulate user interactions and identify performance problems before they impact end-users.

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The HeadSpin Platform combines data science and global, real-world testing to enable companies to perfect digital software experiences. Customers like T-Mobile, Flipkart, Globo, and Nedbank leverage HeadSpin to perform manual and automated tests and collect over 100 key performance indicators, such as the number of launches, application usage duration, number of downloads, user retention, active users, and impact time. HeadSpin will now focus on site reliability engineering (SRE) and DevOps, providing SRE and DevOps teams with deep-performance issue analysis and monitoring data to enable functional performance analysis of mobile apps.

HeadSpin’s Impact Score is being used by companies across industries as a benchmark for measuring the experience across mobile apps, similar to how Google’s Lighthouse is the standard for testing desktop web apps. HeadSpin’s proprietary Impact Score is calculated by analyzing key mobile app experience data points which include screen change, page content score, video quality, etc. By utilizing HeadSpin’s advanced capabilities, companies can better collaborate between their product, engineering, QA, and SRE/DevOps teams, and proactively improve performance and launch apps with confidence. The HeadSpin Platform also helps companies reduce production issues by up to 90% and accelerate the app development cycle by up to 30%. Overall, Atlassian Ventures’ funding is aimed at enabling synthetic observability through the integration of data science insights, in order to achieve faster time-to-market and better product quality through continuous testing and monitoring.

Commenting on the investment, Sarah Hughes, Head of Corporate Development at Atlassian, said, “We’re impressed by HeadSpin’s ability to quickly triage issues and streamline updates across distributed teams. We’re excited about the potential this technology holds to enhance reliability for Atlassian’s 250,000+ cloud customers.”

“Our innovative Platform has been transforming pre-release and post-release testing, analysis, and monitoring processes for digital products worldwide. HeadSpin will now focus more deeply on helping SRE and DevOps teams use contextual experience data in an easy way to improve the experience of their apps. Atlassian Ventures’ investment marks a crucial milestone in accelerating the development of our agile, DevOps, and synthetic observability capabilities,” said Rajeev Butani, Chief Executive Officer at HeadSpin.

About HeadSpin

HeadSpin is a global omnichannel digital experience testing platform that helps enterprises optimize application performance with its data science capabilities. With a strong infrastructure availability of real devices across 90+ locations, the HeadSpin Platform enables manual and automated app testing with a wide range of devices, including both screen and screenless devices, such as mobile phones, desktop browsers, media players, audio devices, and even automotive systems.

The Platform has an extensive on-prem and cloud-hosted device infrastructure that uses data science-driven performance and quality of experience analytics to collect over 100+ performance experience KPIs out of the box and provide performance analysis and monitoring across the engineering cycle. The Platform’s advanced capabilities enable leading global enterprises to achieve an improved digital experience, faster triage, and cost efficiency. Learn more at

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