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Hochtief plans to launch a new product line

Hochtief is one of the oldest construction companies, which was founded in 1873 and still operates today. The company has also played a huge role in the spread of the Bauhaus movement. It constructed several buildings in this style, and it continues to support Bauhaus activities today. For instance, recently, the company sponsored the exhibition “Bauhaus: Dessau – Chicago – New York”. Moreover, it is Germany’s largest construction company with headquarters in Essen, North-Rhine Westphalia. The company operates globally, and the majority of its shares is owned by Actividades de Construcción y Servicios, S.S, which is one of the world’s largest civil engineering and construction company’s. Hochtief employs more than 70,000 people and is determined to give possibilities to young specialists. For instance, the company has internships, where students can receive practical knowledge and receive tips on how to successfully apply to the company.

Company’s divisions

The company develops innovative solutions all around the world. Hochtief has three subdivisions HOCHTIEF Europe, HOCHTIEF Americas, and HOCHTIEF Asia Pacific to coordinate projects globally. Moreover, it has two subsidiary companies Turner Construction Group in the United States and the CIMIC Group in Australia. In the Americas and the Asia Pacific, the company is mainly in infrastructure building, and contract mining projects. The European division constructs skyscrapers, malls, tunnels, bridges, airports, marine ports, and sports stadiums. One of the most noticeable European projects was the construction of the Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey. The total length of the bridge is 1,5 kilometers and it is a six-lane bridge. It remained the longest suspension bridge in Europe until 1981.

It also has a HOCHTIEF Services subdivision, which is responsible for the provision of energy management solutions. It is active mainly in building, infrastructure, and contract mining projects. With the rise in the demand for the housing estates, HOCHTIEF Real Estate develops and builds the entire property life cycle from the beginning to the end. The scale of the company’s operations is so big that it has a separate division for transportation infrastructure projects. HOCHTIEF Concessions designs and develops public building and transportation projects such as railway stations and airports.

New product line

2018 started to hold around 20% of the Abertis shares, which is a leading international toll road operator. Toll roads are public or private roads, where a fee is taken for the passage to cover the costs of the construction and maintenance. Abertis company operates a total of more than 8,600 kilometers of toll roads in 15 countries. Moreover, the Hochtief company is in the process of several construction projects, which will connect the motorways systems. The company is currently building the new bridge over the Rhine, which is part of Germany’s largest autobahn A1. Also, it has ongoing projects in A45 in Germany and renovation of the Bruce Highway in Australia.

The company has recently used a new technology of construction, which helped the company place the bridge in 6.5 hours. Hochtief first erected the steel and concrete structure on temporary supports to one side of the alignment, which will carry the 90,000 daily vehicles that use the crossing. After that, it demolished the old bridge and built the first of two three-lane carriageways of the new bridge. They have also implemented supports for the adjacent second carriageway. By transferring the traffic on the first carriageway, the team was able to complete the second part of the bridge with hydraulically powered cables. All this was done in just 6.5 hours, and it could be the beginning of the revolution in the construction.

Consequently, the company is intending to further develop HOCHTIEF Concession subdivisions and to complete more projects in the transportation sector. The introduction of new techniques could make it the leading construction company in the world.


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