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How to forget a wireless network on Mac

Apple’s many Mac options range from tiny desktops to impressive laptops, but they all run the same software – this makes it easier to know how things work when you move from one device to another.

It also means that if you’re having issues at all, any solutions should work across every type of Mac. So, if you’re currently staring at a list of network options that includes way too many entries, and you’d like to clear some out, here’s our quick guide.

This is quite a quick process, so just follow the below steps to wipe your Mac’s memory of a given network.

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon on your menu bar, at the top-right of your display
  2. Select Open Network Preferences from the menu
  3. Click Advanced
  4. Click on the network in question to select it
  5. Below the list, click on the minus button

This will remove the network from your list of previously-joined networks. If you want to connect to the network in question again in future, you’ll need to do so manually, including inputting any network passwords, so do be aware of that before you commit to the decision.

The good news is that you’ll find any networks you’ve forgotten right there in the list should you need them – the only difference is that you’ll only see them if your Mac detects them as available to join.

So, you won’t have to scroll past them every time you open the settings, if you’re actually nowhere near them.

This is ideal if you’re moving home and changing Wi-Fi network, or if you’re graduating college and no longer need access to an academic network, for instance.

Forgetting a network in a Mac’s settings can also be a good way to reset your connection if you’re having issues with connectivity or speed, so it’s well worth trying this out if you’re finding yourself dropping off your home network or having some other problem with it.

The steps laid out above should work for all of the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad Mini, regardless of what version of iPadOS you’re running, since the steps have been the same going back a few years.


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