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How to hide your WhatsApp profile pic from specific contacts

WhatsApp offers a number of features, some of which are nice and easy to find, while others require you to dive a little deeper into the messaging app.

The messaging app allows you to hide your last seen for example, react to messages with emoji and you can even change the wallpaper for each contact if you want to. We’ve covered off our favourite Whatsapp tips and tricks in our separate feature but here we are focusing on a tip that we love.

Did you know it’s possible to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from individual or specific contacts? It might be that you don’t want a certain person or certain people to see your picture, or maybe you want to give the impression that you’ve blocked someone to teach them a little lesson, but you don’t actually want to block them as then you won’t know if they message you.

Here’s how to hide your WhatsApp profile picture from individual contacts. This feature is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Open the WhatsApp app Tap on the Settings tab in the bottom right corner Tap Privacy Tap on Profile Picture Tap on My Contacts Except… Choose any contacts you don’t want to see your WhatsApp profile picture Tap on Done in the top right corner

You’ll still be able to send and receive messages with the contacts you select as normal, but they will see a great circle with a person icon in place of your WhatsApp picture.

If you liked this tip, then there are plenty more within our tips and tricks feature. For example, you can send a live location to a contact in WhatsApp, which is great for if you’re meeting a friend and you’re running a little late. It’s also possible to search all your chats or search a specific chat, which we have found extra handy when we are looking for an address someone has sent us in the past, for instance.

Other favourite WhatsApp tips of ours include the ability to review and delete items to help clear storage and we do like a bit of wallpaper changing too for a fresh look. So if you want to be a WhatsApp whizz, you know where you need to be heading.


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