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Improving 3D printing experience with Mintion’s 3D printer camera

Founded in 2016, Shenzhen-based 3D printing tool provider Mintion specializes in providing high-quality accessories and products for 3D printing.

The Beagle Camera, Mintion’s flagship product, is a portable high-definition camera designed as a peripheral for use alongside a 3D printer. Some of its features include high-resolution image, wide-angle lens, portable design, user-friendly interface, wifi-connectivity, and more. The Beagle Camera consists of remote monitoring and controlling feature. This feature can save users time and filament by allowing them to monitor prints in real-time. Additionally, the camera also comprises a time-lapse video feature. With this feature, the camera is capable of capturing pictures and automatically generating a time-lapse video. Users can download and view the printed real-time video in the APP or PC browser.

“At Beagle Camera, we believe that technology should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re committed to creating products that are not only innovative and reliable but also simple and easy to use so that they can meet the needs of the majority,” says Jackie Chuang, CEO at Mintion.

The Beagle 3D printer camera. Image via Mintion.

Mintion says the Beagle Camera is intended to improve the 3D printing experience. According to the manufacturer, the 3D printer camera provides a “convenient and enjoyable way” for consumers to remotely oversee their prints.

According to Mintion, the company prioritizes R&D and allocates significant resources toward the development of new products and technologies. Its skilled engineering and design team works hard to create “inventive, reliable, and user-friendly products.”

Beagle Camera’s novel functions

The key feature of the Beagle Camera is the ability to remotely view and oversee 3D printing jobs, allowing users to pause 3D prints in the event of inconsistencies or failures, saving filament and time. The included Beagleprint software can control the X, Y, and Z axes and extruder and offers users the ability to modify printing parameters like Z-offset, feed rate, flow rate, and temperature on the fly. Users can also change the fan speed while 3D printing to further control their builds.

The Beagle camera system is also capable of recording time-lapse videos on FDM and LCD 3D Printers. Something that was originally a bit of a hassle to set up, time lapses on the Beagle are a breeze. The system contains 4 video modes to choose from: clean, normal, timer, and UV mode, so users can create perfect visual records of their prints. Ideal for content creation or monitoring build performance.

The Beagle Camera is a plug-and-play system that can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Mintion says that the setup is as simple as 1,2,3. Users need only connect the camera to the printer via USB. Download the Beagleprint app, and connect to wifi.

Beagle Camera provides effortless plug-and-play configuration. Image via Mintion.

Another useful feature offered by the Beagle camera is device and 3D printer connectivity. It supports APP and PC browsers (same LAN), allowing for easy upload of gcode files without manually inserting and removing the SD card from the 3D printer. The Beagle Camera is compatible with a wide range of Marlin 3D printers, including Creality, Anycubic, Artillery, Prusa, Snapmaker, Elegoo, and others.

Going beyond basic monitoring with added features

The Beagle Camera boasts a variety of additional useful features, such as a notification system and night vision capabilities. Through the Beagleprint app, users receive notifications regarding printing progress, including completion status, printing pause, and any printing anomalies like temperature abnormality, serial port error, and more that may arise during the printing process. Mintion says it plans on adding the notification of filament run-out detection in the future. The camera also supports two-night vision modes: full color and black and white, to provide optimal visibility in low-light conditions while conserving energy.

In addition to all of this, the Beagleprint app enables users to manage multiple cameras simultaneously, making it easy to monitor various devices. The app’s video settings allow for customization of the image’s brightness, contrast, and saturation, enhancing the viewing experience. The camera also provides high-definition, real-time video with sound and mirror functions, and supports full-screen mode. The Beagle Camera’s firmware is updated regularly to support new features, ensuring that users have access to the latest technology. Updates are available to download directly via the Beagleprint app.

The Beagle Camera offers device compatibility. Image via Mintion.

Four video modes to choose from

The Beagle Camera offers four different time-lapse video modes to accommodate various needs. Clean mode is specifically designed for FDM 3D printers and captures an image after each layer is completed by sending a command to move the hot end out of frame to provide a clear image of the part.

Normal mode also captures an image after each layer, but without sending the hot end out of frame. This mode is also intended for FDM 3D printers.

Timer time lapse video mode, on the other hand, captures images at set intervals and then plays them back to create the illusion of time passing quickly. It is suitable for a wider range of applications that go beyond 3D printing. These can include, documenting assembly procedures, monitoring flower growth, and more.

The Beagle is also compatible with the resin and LCD-based systems with its “UV Mode”. This mode is specially designed for resin printing and captures images when the UV sensor is activated, resulting in a stable time-lapse video of prints emerging from the vat. To use this feature, an additional product – a UV sensor – is required.

In addition to the Beagle Camera, Mintion offers a wide range of other 3D printing-related products, including 3D printer cameras, build plates, extruder nozzles, filament spool holders, and more. Its products are designed to work with a variety of different 3D printers, and it has a “strong reputation” for quality and reliability within the 3D printing community, says Mintion.

The Beagle Camera is also compatible with Marlin-based 3D printers. Image via Mintion.

Packing of Beagle Camera

Contents Quantity
Beagle Camera 1
Power Plug 1
Type-C Cable 1
Micro USB Cable 1
USB Type-B Cable 1
Micro SD Card (Insert in camera) 1
Reset Needle 1
Quick Guide Manual 1

To learn more about Mintion’s products visit the website.

Potential customers can purchase the Beagle Camera by accessing the Shopify and Amazon US links. Exclusive discount codes have been provided by Mintion. (Shopify: 15% OFF discount code: 3DPRINTERCAMERA, Amazon: 20% OFF discount code: 20UHKAWQ)

Mintion has also provided link for Amazon DE with 15% OFF. (Discount code: 4K6PRARL

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Featured image shows the Beagle Camera. Image via Mintion.


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