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INBIONROID team develops a robot avatar Prometheus

With each year, people become more and more dependent on the help of robots. The latest news technology states that robots or self-operating machines are a valuable part of our daily life. They are everywhere, whether it is a coffee machine that prepares your favorite drink of choice or a robotic medical instrument that performs dozens of complicated operations each day.

A robot is a machine programmed to carry complex actions automatically. Initially, they were created to simplify human life and can be autonomous or semi-autonomous.

The origin of self-operating machinery starts in ancient times in China, Greece, and Ptolemaic Egypt. Robots have various designs and forms. Some of them look like humans, others are just task-performing machines with emphasis on their functions.


INBIODROID is a Mexican start-up based in Irapuato that conducts research and develops new humanoid-shaped robotic technologies. Operators can remotely use robots in emergencies, rescue zones, agricultural applications, and housework.

The company began operations at the end of 2018, thanks to the vision of Engineer Juan Carlos Díaz Garmendia, CEO of Institute Novara, and Alejandro Ramos de la Peña, inventor and patent holder. In 2018, both decided to propose in the world robotics contest ANA Avatar XPRIZE develop in 4 years an avatar system capable of seeing, hearing, feeling, and interacting remotely. To bring this idea to reality, at the beginning of 2020, Doctor Ismael Sánchez Osorio, an expert in biological systems, electronic engineering, and robotics, joined the team, who has been a proficient expert in leading the entire technical team in the crystallization of this avatar system.

Currently, more than 40 people work and collaborate with INBIODROID, including scientists, engineers, student volunteers, and administrators. This diversity has allowed the company to develop the Prometheus robot, the first version of a multipurpose avatar.

INBIODROID is an organization that integrates the skills and knowledge of experts in technologies applied to robotics to help solve the challenges and needs of humanity: agriculture, health, rescue, exploration, and education.

INBIODROID mission and values

The mission of INBIODROID is to integrate skills, knowledge, and experience to solve some of the challenges of humanity using exponential technologies. Here are the key values of the company:

  • Innovation
  • Developing
  • Harmony
  • Transformation
  • Order

What is avatar Prometheus?

The latest news technology informs that avatars are telepresence robots that can receive information through various sensors and move at the operator’s command.

Prometheus is a robot avatar developed by the INBIODROID to perform rescue operations in an emergency.

The latest news technology states that the INBIODROID is a group of students and graduates from the Mechatronic Engineering program at the Tec’s León campus that took part in a competition ANA AVATAR XPRIZE in 2021.

ANA Avatar XPRIZE is a four-year international competition that started in 2018. The purpose of the competition is to develop, improve and accelerate the introduction of advanced technologies in the system of multifunctional avatars, which will allow you to seamlessly transfer human skills and experience to any point in space – be it Earth or a lunar station.

Japanese airline All Nippon in Airways (ANA) supports ANA Avatar XPRIZE as they believe in the importance of developing technologies.

In 2021 teams from Japanese research centers, technology companies, various universities: Boston, Cambridge, and Stanford, participated in this technology tournament.

This robot must be operated exclusively by a human.

Its principal function is to help the operator see, hear, and remotely interact with objects around.

The competition went into a few steps:

•           In the first step, 300 teams presented their proposals and strategies.

•           In the second step, the competition committee selected 77 teams from 19 countries whose robots could move and interact with objects.

•           In the third and final step of the competition, robots showed an ability to televise pictures, sound to their operators as if they were there.

Making the Prometheus

Mexican team came across some issues during the process of making the Prometheus.

Due to the current situation in Mexico, it was problematic for the INBIODROID to get all the necessary equipment and tools in time as suppliers could not provide them with all the needed on time. Although, the team put their effort into the process and finished the robot in time.

The Future of Prometheus

The latest news technology suggests that the team of developers is trying to improve their project by creating an exoskeleton that the operator would wear to control the robot. It would also perfect its ability to interact with the environment. Also, the team works on the lower part of the robot body using the latest modern technology.

Robots are the future of technology that will change our lives for the better.

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