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LG Electronics and WASH Team Up to Revolutionize Communal Laundry Solutions

LG Electronics establishes a consortium for advanced heat pump research in Alaska. From left, Jim Gimeson (CEO of WASH), and Sam Kim (Head of the Home Appliance Division at LG Electronics USA). / Courtesy of LG Electronics

LG Electronics (LG), a leader in commercial laundry technology, has expanded its partnership with WASH, a prominent laundry route business in North America. 

This new agreement aims to bolster LG’s presence in the rapidly growing market for commercial laundry solutions catering to multi-family housing and university dormitories, while also offering end-users the convenience and performance of LG’s energy-efficient washers and dryers.

WASH, recognized as one of the top B2B laundry service providers in North America, specializes in supplying and managing laundry solutions for multifamily properties throughout the United States and Canada.

Under the terms of the agreement, LG will supply WASH with state-of-the-art commercial washing machines and dryers designed to prioritize ease of use, short cycle times, and superior fabric care. By joining forces, LG and WASH seek to meet the escalating demand for communal laundry facilities in bustling housing communities and campus settings across North America.

LG Commercial Laundry machines, built with the company’s advanced Inverter Direct Drive™ technology, are designed to deliver durability and reliability. / Courtesy of LG Electronics

LG’s Commercial Laundry machines, featuring the company’s innovative Inverter Direct Drive™ technology, are engineered for exceptional durability and reliability. With the drum directly attached to the motor, these machines boast fewer components, thereby minimizing the likelihood of requiring repairs. 

Furthermore, these ENERGY STAR® certified washers from LG are designed to reduce energy and water consumption while enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, their proprietary balancing system mitigates vibration, resulting in quieter operation.

“Our cutting-edge laundry solutions will further enhance WASH’s convenient services, delivering more value to customers and end-users,” said Baek Seung-tae, executive vice president and head of Living Solution Business, LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “We will continue to forge partnerships that drive innovation and help people enjoy a better life.”


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