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Naturi’s Chalet Project May Become a Replacement for Your Home

The Chalet project is a combination of Naturi technology and timber framing construction.

Timber framing is one of the most famous architectural styles in Europe, which originated in the 15th century, gradually developed and improved, using new technologies in construction, and today it is constantly becoming popular all over the world. The houses built in this style are called half-timbered.

The basis of a half-timbered house is a solid frame made of laminated veneer lumber or other materials. It consists of interconnected vertical, horizontal, and diagonal elements including racks, beams, and braces.

Features of the new Chalet project

Chalet style is a trend in interior design and architecture, which is based on the exterior and interior decoration of alpine rural houses.

Chalet, which has an architectural image with a European character, is distinguished by the functionality and ergonomics of the planning solution. The main idea of ​​this project is to create an eco-friendly, modern and functional country house, with four bedrooms, for comfortable living and the rest of the family, as well as accommodating guests. Naturi’s Chalet Project include:

  • 250 m2 of the house are
  • 191 m2 of terrace area
  • two floors
  • five bedrooms
  • three bathrooms
  • carport and garage

Australia’s natural features make it possible to design and build beautiful homes on a large stretch of scenic land. Design with simple shapes and a commitment to natural materials have made half-timbered homestyle architecture a trendy trend.

Overall, the Naturi’s Chalet is characterized by laconicism and sophistication at the same time. When choosing this project you can enjoy the spaciousness of the rooms on two floors, get a quarter of a thousand square meters, where five bedrooms are provided for relaxation, and three bathrooms for cleanliness and pleasure. For a better view, you get huge panoramic windows resting on solid vertical timber walls of impeccable workmanship and quality.

The area of ​​the terraces framing the living area and protected by a solid gable roof amazes with the spaciousness and freedom of choice of a place to relax in the fresh air. A solid wooden house for living, original in design and impeccable in strength, created for a life of pleasure and work for joy. Chalet built using the Naturi technology is a real find for those who are seeking a comfortable living with all amenities.

About the Naturi company

The company specializes in building wooden houses. If you are looking for sustainable and modern homes, Naturi homes are the right choice for you. Naturi technology is truly unique, as they built houses for ordinary people, not instant sales. The company also keeps pace with the times and applies advanced technologies. Each Naturi house is provided with a variety of thoughtful amenities and services.

The company also uses advanced new technologies in construction. Reliability, professionalism, and care about the future owner of the house are the main priorities of the company. Today Naturi is interested in the soonest popularization of its construction ideas around the world.

Construction technology

The main distinguishing feature of the Naturi wall is the vertical arrangement of the solid wood wall elements. Your home will be reliable, warm, and environmentally friendly.

Chalet style advantages

  • Economic efficiency.

 Firstly, in this type of construction of houses, the walls are not load-bearing elements, because the main load is borne by the frame structure. These specifics include the use of a relatively inexpensive shallow foundation. Secondly, insulated materials, impregnated sandwich panels, and energy-saving double-glazed windows are used as wall panels, which saves heat.

  • Environmentally friendly orientation.

The frame fulfills not only the function of the main structure of the building, but it is also part of the design solution, because the entire structure remains visible, which is a mandatory requirement and a hallmark of the style. Thanks to the design, the facade consists of two sections, so you are free to implement any design solutions.

  • Durability.

Thanks to special methods of material processing and modern construction technologies, wooden houses have a fairly long service life. Buildings that have survived after several centuries and have not lost their strength and strength can tell about this.

  • High-speed construction.

As a rule, houses are built in a fairly short time, because the frame is made in advance, using the latest equipment, after which the already finished base of the house is filled.

Overall, ecological construction is an idea that is becoming more and more popular both among customers and among companies, manufacturers of house kits, and builders of wooden houses. We live in the era of the formation of a new understanding of the idea of building from wood as an environmentally friendly and responsible process aimed at the safest possible interaction of living space and the natural environment and minimizing the harm caused to nature.

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