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Noon program is gaining popularity in Australia

You like to hear news about new and emerging technologies. Then you’ll be interested to know what program blew up the Australian market just a few months ago. It’s the Noon app, which is designed to help you lose weight.

But do apps like this exist? Yes, and there are more and more of them every year. At the same time, the developers themselves give very good advances to the program and say that this application will be the last of those that users will need to lose weight.

Well, let us understand what is behind these words, what is the feature of this program and whether it will really help you lose weight.

Ambiguous reviews

The first thing that any user who wants to use a product or service does is paying attention to the reviews on the web. Looking ahead, we should note that based on these reviews, you will not be able to form a unified opinion. Some reviews praise the program and say that it helped to lose weight. Others say it was a waste of your time.

Margo: It helps, it’s fantastic!

“I really love sweets, I can’t live a day without chocolate. However, I haven’t been watching my weight at all. My doctor told me that if I didn’t get my mind right away, my health problems could be catastrophic.

In theory, I knew exactly what to do – eat as little as possible, especially in the evening, and pay more attention to sports, but how to do it in practice was unclear. One day, I was just lying on the couch and scrolling through my Facebook feed, when suddenly I came across an ad for the Noon app. Of course, I did not particularly believe in such programs, but I decided to try it because in any case, it will not be worse, just can not.

The results just amazed me, because for six months I managed to lose 15 kg. At first, I used the program for two weeks for free and then I paid $159 for four months of using it but I can already say that I did not regret my decision.

If we talk about what I found very strange, first of all, it was the pricing. Unlike other applications, here you don’t know the price for the full version. You first have to answer some questions, and only then will you find out the recommended price for the application.

So how can this app help? Every day you will need to log all the food you have eaten or drank, and every day you will need to weigh yourself and make sure you do not exceed your daily calorie limit. This limit will be determined by your current height and weight and how quickly you want to lose the extra pounds.

Special attention is paid here to physical activity because every day you will have a clear step goal. You can set this goal on your own. In addition, the app works seamlessly with all fitness bracelets or other apps that are installed on your mobile device.

All the food that the user eats, Noon is immediately divided into several categories. Foods that are desirable to eat as much as possible and have the fewest calories are marked in green, while the highest calorie foods are marked in red. Foods that should be eaten in moderation are marked in yellow.

How do I use this app?

The two main functions that this app performs are weighing and registering products. Both functions are quite simple. The product library here is not the most extensive, and this cannot be considered an advantage of this program.

A plus is the availability of very useful content, which is regularly updated. Here you will find the motivation to lose weight and interesting tips to help you lose weight faster. You’ll also learn about the most popular behaviors that lead to weight loss and more.

A nice feature of this app is the presence of a coach. Yes, you will not be alone, the coach will supervise you and give you the right motivation for further success. He will help you not only with setting goals but also with achieving them.

You will be assured of the coach’s importance at the moment when for some reason you start to doubt yourself and experience disappointment from suddenly gaining kilograms. In addition, this trainer from time to time asks important questions, by answering which you can contribute to the overall result.

The free version of the app does not have this, but in the paid version, you become a member of a community of similar users and can share your results, ask questions, and generally maintain communication. For some people, this is important, and for others, the support and advice of a coach are enough. One way or another, this feature is also present.


Many users note that Noon is a really important tool in the fight against extra pounds. The program by itself will not make you thin and slim, just like a book about how to become a millionaire will not make you a millionaire if you just lie on the couch and do nothing.

The main benefit of Noon is that this program provides comprehensive help and support to those who want to lose weight. You should understand that if you have been gaining extra pounds for years, you won’t be able to lose it all in one day, you will need to work very hard and the Noon program will just help you to do it.

This program is not suitable for everyone, but the good point is the two-week free trial. In 14 days of use, you will be able to see for sure if this program is right for you or not. Noon, namely the individual help of a trainer will give you an incredible motivation to action and will help you not to give up at the moment when you feel especially hard and you notice that you have put on extra pounds.

During the use of this program, you will stop lying on the couch and accumulating excess weight, and instead go to the gym and work on yourself to achieve the desired goal in the form of an ideal body.

Are you ready to get rid of those extra pounds? Or will you still not believe in yourself and blame other factors for the extra weight, but not yourself? The answers to these questions determine whether or not you should use Noon.

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