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Perception Point announced growth milestones in 2023

The leading cybersecurity company’s ongoing commitment to innovation in securing the modern workspace across digital communication channels positions it for continued rapid growth in 2024

Perception Point, a leading provider of advanced threat prevention across digital communication channels, announced today record year-on-year ARR growth for 2023 as it expanded its customer base by 120%. This surge in clientele was boosted by strategic partnerships worldwide, underscoring Perception Point’s commitment to global expansion and continuous innovation to deliver advanced protection against today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats.

Perception Point is at the forefront of preventing modern and emerging threats as the user’s workspace continues to evolve. GenAI has fueled an increase in the volume and sophistication of cyber attacks, and organizations of all sizes require – more than ever – advanced protection against external and internal threats, across email, web browsers, and collaboration and SaaS apps, from a unified platform.

The company secured key wins and new partnerships across the globe, including a significant four-year contract with a government health organization covering 200,000 seats, demonstrating Perception Point’s efficacy in delivering the most comprehensive threat prevention solutions.

“Organizations’ users are faced with increasingly advanced attacks, spanning the modern workspace and its expanding attack surface,” said Yoram Salinger, CEO of Perception Point. “Attackers in parallel are leveraging new tools and GenAI technology to bypass traditional security solutions, and we are continuously innovating to protect users from these emerging threats across the most frequently targeted vectors. Our unique philosophy of delivering a fully integrated managed Incident Response service with our threat prevention solutions optimizes user protection while reducing management overhead and streamlining incident handling for enterprises and MSPs.”

In 2023, Perception Point enhanced its AI-driven, multi-layered advanced detection platform through the development of new Machine Learning (ML) and Large Language Model (LLM) based capabilities. The introduction of new engines including the GenAI Decoder™, anti-Quishing capabilities, automatic business partner detection, semantic content similarity, and more, has fortified protection against sophisticated threats and advanced attack techniques, such as BEC, multi-step phishing, quishing, thread hijacking, and evasive malware/exploit attacks, across email, web browsers, and collaboration apps.

The company continued to enhance its Advanced Browser Security solution, bolstered by new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities including clipboard, printing, downloads, uploads, watermark, and screen blur, supporting all major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and any Chromium-based browser).

Perception Point Advanced Browser Security also enables organizations to set policies for GenAI web apps to counter the wave of AI-based phishing attacks, set 3rd-party browser extension visibility, provide password reuse alerts, monitor all login events for post-breach analysis, and correlate email and browser security events. Additionally, integration with Zero Trust/Identity and Access Management (IAM) was introduced.

Perception Point’s achievements gained extensive third-party recognition in numerous industry reports. Gartner acknowledged Perception Point in its 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Email Security for the fourth year in a row, designating it as a Representative ICES Vendor in Advanced Email Security, Advanced Internal Email Security, and Advanced Collaboration Security. Gartner analysts also recognized Perception Point’s strength as a “Strong Performer” in email security, with a stellar 4.8/5 rating in the Voice of the Customer Report. Additionally, the company received mentions in all Gartner reports related to browser security, including ‘Emerging Tech: Security — The Future of Enterprise Browsers’, ‘Emerging Tech: Deliver SSE With Enterprise Browser Tech to Win More Midmarket Business’, and ‘Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Security’, as well as two mentions for Collaboration Security in the “How to Protect Web Applications Against Malicious File Uploads” report.

The company’s recognition by analysts also encompasses three mentions in various Gartner Hype Cycle reports, including Endpoint Security, Workload and Network Security, and Zero Trust Networking. KuppingerCole ranked Perception Point as an overall leader in the email security market in its Leadership Compass Report for Email Security, highlighting the company’s innovation and product leadership.

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