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Privacy & Cookie Policy

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Collection, processing, use, transfer, and storage of personal data are performed by the company in compliance with legal, technical, and organizational standards of data processing.

Personal data may be used or transferred to third parties only with the written consent of the client. If you post your data on the company’s website, you agree to our privacy policy.

Access to personal data shall only be granted to authorized employees acting within the scope of their official duties. Employees are prohibited from using our customers’ and partners’ personal data for their own personal and commercial purposes. These obligations continue even after the employees’ termination and do not expire.

The company makes sure that upon termination of the contract, as well as termination of use of the application, all personal data is properly destroyed.

The person has the right to request the following actions to protect personal data:

  • data receiving time and method reported;
  • terms, reasons, ways, and goals of personal data processing exposed;
  • being acquainted with personal data collected in the agreed time;
  • being notified when personal data transferred to third parties;
  • being aware on who and what for gains the access to their personal data;
  • personal data improved in case of proved incompletion, obsoletion, and inaccuracy;
  • processing of personal data reported;
  • newsletters subscription canceled;
  • data processing stopped, when relevant consent revoked
  • data processing stopped, when the illegal way of data collection proved;
  • personal data destroyed in case the illegal way of its gaining proved or the company liquidated.
  • provides the privacy of personal data in accordance with international law, and normative legal acts regarding personal data protection.
  • keeps the right to change Privacy Policy. By agreeing to this provision, you also agree with all following changes. That is why we advise our users to check this policy relevance before attending our website.

We may use cookies (small data files stored on your computer’s hard drive) to gain information about your online activity, including URL that you came from, pass and follow, your browser version, operating system and gadget type, your IP address, etc. This is the information that we use carefully to create a better user experience for our customers.

Cookies Policy

The cookie is a small data file stored on your computer’s hard drive during our website visiting. When you finish a session and later return to it, the cookie information is still available. We use cookies to help set up a user interface to suit your preference. You can opt-out of receiving cookies and remove them from the device’s hard drive.

We may use cookies to track certain information about you based on your activity on our site or a third-party site. This information may include the URL you just came from (either this URL on our site or a third-party site) to which URL you are passing (regardless of whether this URL is in our site or a third-party site), which browser you are using, and your IP address. We use this information to collect internal analytics for better understanding and serving the visitors of our site.

Sometimes we place on the site the content of third parties. They can also use cookies in their content, but we do not have access to those cookies, and we do not control them. The use of cookies by these third parties takes place under their privacy policies.