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Samsung Electronics Equips AI Companion Robot ‘Ballie’ with Tizen OS After CES 2024 Debut

Samsung Electronics’ new AI-powered companion robot Ballie debuted at CES 2024.

Samsung Electronics announced on Jan. 14 that its AI companion Ballie, which made a big splash at CES 2024, will now be equipped with the Samsung Tizen OS.

Originally deployed in TVs and monitors, Samsung’s Tizen OS has recently expanded to include home appliances and now next-generation AI devices. The Tizen OS transcends simple inter-device connections, offering a comprehensive experience that integrates OS, services, and content.

Launched in 2015 as an open-source operating system accessible to everyone, Samsung Tizen OS allows users to enjoy a variety of services easily and quickly. Since its introduction, it has significantly contributed to expanding the ecosystem of TVs from hardware to software.

Based on the Samsung Tizen OS, the company has gained steady consumer love for services like Samsung TV Plus, which offers various content without additional fees, and digital art subscription platform Art Store.

In 2022, Samsung introduced a full-screen home UI optimized for OTT consumption, enhancing users’ content exploration experience. It also launched the Gaming Hub service, catering to global gamers, in addition to media and art services.

Samsung Tizen OS, with Samsung Knox, ensures device safety from external hacking and automatically blocks unauthorized malicious app execution and phishing site access. It encrypts information during device connections, making it an optimal OS for a secure smart home life.


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