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Technological universities gaining popularity

Аccording to new subject data from UCAS, students tend to turn to technological universities. The data suggest a big shift in favor of technology degrees reflecting recent trends. Thus, the past decade has seen impressive growth in engineering and computer science, including an impressive jump in artificial intelligence (AI) courses.

The release of final university and college-level admissions and enrollment data for 2020 shows that the relevance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects shows no signs of decline. Since 2011, the amount r of people enrolled in courses of computer science has grown by almost 50%. Besides, the student’s enrollment in new Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses has grown by 400% over the past decade.

According to Julia Adamson, director of education at BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, a growing stream of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence talent is crucial to the UK’s economic improvement and international competition. The creation of the National Center for Computer Education (NCCE) provides more youth with a useful computer experience in school and helps generate demand for the technology subjects at the corresponding degrees.

Adamson is confident that AI degrees will attract a greater number of students than ever before. The reason is that AI has become important for resolving ethical problems in all sectors of the economy and social life. She highlighted that BCS has maintained universities starting from the time when computer science was first taught at the graduate level and continues to assist in the implementation of practices in machine learning and data science courses.

What is the reason for the tendency?

Claire Marchant, CEO of UCAS, said that many details are influencing the subjects students decide to take. She said applicants are responding to economic signals with high demand for such technology subjects.

The surge in admissions to tech courses symbolizes a critical transformation in the global workforce learning to optimize technology practices for future applications. International students who pursue this degree abroad can return to their home countries with experience to spearhead the next wave of digital revolutions.

In the USA, Australia, and Western Europe, representatives of medical and technical areas are one of the most demanded and highly paid. In America, a good provider of technical degree students is New York Technology Institute.

What about other trends?

Due to the increase in the number of medical places over the past few years, admission to medical courses is at the highest level ever, having increased by 37% since 2017. The need for nursing care also remains high.

The popularity of humanitarian subjects has declined over the past decade.

A significant decrease in language subjects is of concern. For post-Brexit Great Britain, the need for languages ​will probably remain high, but today the enrollment in language courses has dropped by 36% over the past decade.

Overall, technical professions are among the most sought-after professions in the world. The demand for them is growing, which leads to the growing popularity of technical universities in Europe, America, and Australia. In these countries, technology universities are also becoming more in demand among students. For example, New York Technology Institute also has noted an increase in the figure of students who choose technical faculties.

What technical specialties are in high demand today and why?

Technical specialties cannot cease to be popular for the simple reason that today almost all production processes are tied to understanding technology, improving production processes, and so on. It is for this reason that technical progress will never be stopped, it will only develop. As soon as one new technology appears, several more options immediately appear on how one can use, activate, exploit this or that technology, development, and so on.

When it comes to technology, all questions related to process improvement, acceleration, and optimization of production automatically become interesting. And here it is important to understand that it is precisely technical specialists who can more than compensate for all that gap and lack of knowledge that usually exists in situations when a company is in dire need of solving a variety of technological issues. Today, faculties that teach specialists in the field of various technical and related specialties are extremely popular. That is why technological universities are constantly gaining popularity all over the world.

There are thousands of universities in the world offering various programs in engineering, technology, and engineering. To choose the most suitable option, there are world rankings of universities, which assess universities according to a whole set of different indicators.

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