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The first electric fire trucks already in the USA

The era of electrification in the automotive industry has already arrived: the fire department of the American city of Tucson, Arizona, tested an electric fire truck. It was produced by the Austrian company Rosenbauer, which is one of the three largest manufacturers of fire fighting equipment and fire fighting equipment in the world. The truck is also called shortly RT.

The manufacturer claims this truck is the world’s first electrically powered fire engine. Technology latest news all over the world announced this event, emphasizing a growing demand for eco-friendly solutions for all the countries. Many people believe that electric fire trucks will replace old vehicles.

Characteristics of a new generation fire truck

The fire engine is equipped with a six-cylinder diesel engine, which acts as a generator for the storage battery, available in two capacities: 50 and 100 kilowatt-hours. It powers two Volvo electric motors, one on each axle.

The truck develops 276 horsepower, and the total power of the electric motors reaches 497 horsepower and 50,000 Nm of torque. You can charge the battery from a 150-kilowatt station: in this case, an hour will be enough to replenish the energy supply from 50 to 80 percent.

The Rosenbauer is not technically fully electric, but it has an EV Mode. In it, the diesel engine is turned off, and the electric motors use the existing battery charge.

The electric car had a chance to be tested by American firefighters, who showed the tests on the video. Even though the unusual truck is not cheap and costs about one million dollars, it is already in use in Dubai, Amsterdam, and Berlin. Perhaps shortly, such fire trucks will be delivered to Australia.

The RT electric truck is equipped with four-wheel drive, in terms of dimensions it is already its predecessor, but if we take into account the better weight distribution thanks to the battery, then it should be easier to drive. In addition, thanks to the electric power plant, there should be more space in the cab, all other things being equal. Also, the truck does not cause harmful ICE emissions.

According to John Slawson, CEO and President of Rosenbauer America, the Rosenbauer RT is the fire engine of the future, established from the ground up using the most advanced materials and technologies. He noted that RT is the safest fire truck on the road today, for both firefighters, communities, and the environment.

Overall, the RT is the first fully electric vehicle in America to boast high levels of safety, exceptional driving characteristics and flexibility, innovative safety features, and fully networked connectivity. These and other features make the RT the most advanced fire truck on the market and set a completely new standard in the firefighting industry.

Truck structure

The Rosenbauer fire truck is formed from three parts: a workshop with a work surface, two control rooms, and a big loading area. Thanks to the flexible concept, other room layouts, and interior items can be produced. A wide variety of logistics concepts can be implemented depending on the requirements of the fire brigade.

Key advantages of electric fire trucks

Electric fire trucks are a real find for fighting the ecological challenges that emerge because of fuel and exhaust fumes. The main environmental benefits of RT include:

  1. Reduced emissions and noise level

The RT electric truck is not only extremely powerful but also quiet. This significantly reduces noise levels at the scene of the accident. The electric fire truck also ensures that almost no fuel burns out while driving. Lighting and accessory chargers are also powered directly from rechargeable batteries. A local power grid with a capacity of up to 14 kW can be created, which can simultaneously work through the outlet.

  1. Flexibility and versatility.

The RT is conceived as a multi-purpose vehicle, primarily a pumping unit, a connected mobile command unit, and wild-fire assistance. This is partly due to the adjustable ground clearance and the concept of the cockpit with rotating front seats.

  1. Big capacity.

The charging capacity of the truck reaches up to 150 kW, which means the batteries can be quickly recharged. Short-range operations are not a problem, even if they are often used in large metropolitan areas. Thanks to the built-in range extender, the RT can increase its electrical range of motion; The REX consists of a small diesel engine driving a large generator without any restrictions.

In general, electric fire trucks have great potential for development and distribution around the world. Considering the latest trends in the industry of technology, the latest news is full of information that electric trucks are starting to be introduced in more and more countries. Although the cost of such trucks is relatively high, it is fully justified since the vehicle has several advantages and keeps pace with modern tendencies, and provides ecological solutions for mankind.

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