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UnaBiz opens Sigfox 0G technology device library to drive technology convergence IoT

Paris / Singapore, 4 April 2023 UnaBiz, global IoT service provider and integrator across a hybrid of network communication technologies, has released to the public and the IoT developers community the Sigfox 0G technology device library code for connected objects.

The announcement marks a significant step in driving the technology interoperability and the unification of LPWANs in the IoT industry, which is aligned with UnaBiz’s “Technology Convergence” movement that it started when it acquired the Sigfox 0G technology in April 2022. 

By opening up the proprietary technology and putting the Sigfox 0G technology device library code in the public domain, UnaBiz makes it easier for a much broader range of developers, engineers, users and students to integrate the 0G technology into their IoT devices and applications and develop more efficient solutions in terms of energy consumption, multi-connectivity, and build extra features on top of the library. 

Features flexibility will give device developers the freedom to fully customise their solution for a specific application and subsequently enhance the overall performance of the solution. Developers can now fully unleash the power of Sigfox 0G technology and build innovative applications that can improve people’s lives and drive business growth in the most energy-efficient manner.

The release builds on the company’s most recent announcements with The Things IndustriesSenet, and Loriot, LoRaWAN players who have entered into partnerships with UnaBiz as they believe in the vision of Convergence.

“This is an exciting moment for the Sigfox 0G technology community who has seen the recent announcement of our collaboration with LoRaWAN players” says Henri Bong, co-founder and CEO of UnaBiz. “We cannot do this alone. In order to make significant progress in Convergence, we need to open up Sigfox and enable the entire IoT ecosystem to join us in the movement. While partnerships with LPWAN actors will strengthen our position as a provider of IoT connectivity solutions, we also need to enable the ecosystem to create hybrid IoT solutions that will ultimately be offered to businesses across a wide range of industries” he adds.

“The opening of the Sigfox 0G device library brings freedom to the chipset, module manufacturers, and developers. They can now adapt the memory footprint of their solutions based on the use cases, be it advanced communication devices that require bi-directional communication, or simple IoT devices that require uplink-only communication. By giving them total access to the 0G technology, we are enabling the creation of highly optimised IoT solutions in terms of cost and energy consumption. The open library also facilitates interoperability and standardisation, allowing seamless integration of devices and systems across applications and protocols” says Alexis Susset, group CTO of UnaBiz.

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