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Unity has found a way to help designers

Unity Technologies is an American video game company known for developing Unity, a licensed game engine.

Unity is the perfect solution for designers because it can be used in conjunction with other content creation tools, with the ability to work with these assets directly in the Unity Editor. The results are displayed in the context of the project, which increases your productivity and makes it easier to translate your ideas. Key features include:

  • Creativity to the highest degree
  • Convenient tools
  • Creating resources in the editor
  • Fast and smooth game iterations

The company is constantly developing new features and releasing tool updates for artists and designers, which include more and more useful updates for level designers every time. Unity is constantly introducing new tools and increasing the usability of designers.

The main tools of the company


Timeline provides everything you need to create beautiful animation and game sequences using game objects, animations, sounds, and scenes.


With the Cinemachine camera suite, you don’t have to worry about the technical side of the implementation. Instead, you can focus on decorating the action.

Cinemachine automates camera behavior and dynamically switches plans according to scene composition and interaction. As a result, you get the best shots at the best moments without the need for reshoots and fine adjustments.

Post-processing stack

The post-processing stack allows artists and designers to create high-quality visual effects, apply realistic filters to scenes using professional tools. An artist-friendly interface makes it easy to design and fine-tune footage for dramatic and realistic effects.

Unity Services Help Designers

The company introduced updates, a new version of the workflow, aimed at those who develop projects based on the latest technology. This version is primarily recommended for pre-production, study, or prototyping. It is called Unity 2021.1 and is considered an optimal solution for designers, who want to constantly develop their skills.

Unity 2021.1’s capabilities are ideal for creating stunning visuals. The core features included in the Unity 2021.1 workflow release are designed to streamline workflows and simplify the development of cinematic content and game scenes.

Additional features for incredible visuals will help grab the interest of players from the first pixels. For this release, the 2D tools from previous versions have been reworked to make them more usable and more stable. Particular attention was paid to the processes of replacing sprites (Sprite Swap) and 2D graphics at the end of the current cycle.

  • Recorder Updates

The Recorder has moved into the Released Packages category and now includes new codecs such as Apple ProRes for improved graphics compatibility and ease of use.

  • The convenience of the interaction of content development programs

The company has improved the stability of FBX Exporter and upgraded the package to release. Export sample scenes for animation and work in popular editors such as Maya or 3Ds Max. In addition, designers can record animations in the editor to export examples and further refine keyframes.

  • 2D Renderer, camera sort layer texture

Capture all pixel information, down to the sort layer, to use in shaders or Shader Graphs to create reflections on water surfaces and other effects. The 2D Renderer component now supports the BaseMap attribute for stable Universal Render Pipeline (URP) performance.

  • HDRP static shadow builder and enhancements

You now have the option of catching some of the undirected shadow maps for better performance. HDRP renders dynamic shadow-casting objects to corresponding shadow maps for each frame.

  • Sprite editor

New fragmentation options allow you to slice sprite sheets containing contiguous and continuous isometric tiles. This helps speed up the process of preparing isometric tiled maps if your graphics are stored in a single image.

Unity capabilities for innovative visual effects

In general, Unity allows designers to easily create animation and game scenes on their own without waiting for help from programmers. This helps you devote more time and focus to work, rather than finding solutions. The company demonstrates respect for the knowledge and experience of designers, allowing them to contribute, create or manage projects based on their knowledge and experience. This can be concluded from new updates regarding new technology in construction, which actively uses design solutions in the industry.

The release of the workflow is intended for those developing projects based on the latest technology. To improve the stability and reliability of the Unity Editor, in this release, we have updated the High-Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP), visual programming and 2D tools, and several other improvements.

The help and support of designers are one of the main tasks of the company. That is why Unity creates products and technologies that can change the world. The company’s products provide content creators with the tools not only to entertain but also to create innovative applications and provide better performance in a range of industries.

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