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WTC Mentoring Program Helps Women Find Work

Women are a significant part of today’s workplace: teachers, doctors, politics, and tech company employees. But there is still inequality in questions for women in leading positions. In 2020, 28% of women were in senior vice-president positions, and 21% of females worked in the C-suite.

However, the latest statistics state that women held only 25% of all the jobs in the technology industry.

 Why are women a minority in the tech industry?

According to the New York Institute of Technology, the technology industry is male-dominated, but there is no evidence to clarify why women do not choose tech jobs. There are assumptions that women are not mentally skilled enough to excel in STEM subjects, but it is not statistically approved. The main factor could be the lack of visible and accessible female role models in the sphere, especially in leading positions. The same issue is with the lack of diversity in people of color and people with disabilities. Women that work in the tech field occupy entry-level or middle-level job positions, and it can be hard to get a promotion. Additionally, many women have been working in the tech sphere as non-technical staff: HRs, designers, business analysts, project -managers, and others.

WTC activity to help women

Women are a valuable part of the workforce, and there is a lot of space for them in the technology sphere. To change today’s situation in the tech workspace, the Women’s Technology Council was launched.

It was founded in 2007 to support New York Tech female students and help them create a healthy business environment.

The main goal of this program is to provide women in tech with help and knowledge on every stage of the talent pipeline from high school to the board room.

Women’s Technology Council gives female job seekers thousands of job offers in the tech sphere in leading companies. Also, you can get professional mentoring support and the chance to network with women and men that occupy senior positions in their work field.

WTC values and goals

WTC has some fundamental values and principles. They are listed here:

  •  Opportunity. WTC wants to provide all women with equal opportunities in the technology workspace.
  •  Networking. WTC believes that strong communicative skills are necessary for any person in a work environment and helps them succeed.
  •  Mentoring. Mentoring is a big part of their work, which helps women to feel understood and safe.
  •  Visibility. New York Institute of Technology has a lack of female representation. Therefore, it is pressing to state women’s presence in technical and STEM spheres.

WTC is aware of what impact Covid-19 had and is still having on any workplace, and the tech industry was not an exception. The Tech industry is known for highly paid jobs, good offices, and bonuses, but all of it stopped being accessible. During quarantine, most of the office workers went to work remotely. It turned out to be more complicated to concentrate on work tasks at home, and instead of brainstorming sessions with colleagues, there were only conferences in Zoom. The danger of contracting the coronavirus and the financial crisis is complicated for those who stay at home. Companies now support their employees with online parties, sports, meditation, and cash payments.

Businesses and companies have taken essential steps to help their employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is supported by WTC.

The mental health of the employees has been a high priority for the employer and the Women Technology Council. Companies have provided employees with mental health specialists and supplied management staff with instructions.

Female workers have encountered many hardships; some of them are caretakers or only providers in their families.

Statistically, women are three times more likely than their male partners to take on most housework and the role of the caregiver during a pandemic.

That could be a reason for not only women in entry-level positions but high-ranking female colleagues leaving the workforce.

Women that occupy senior positions have an impact on the company’s culture as well. They are more likely to popularize programs and employee-friendly policies and encourage gender and racial diversity. These are also aims of the Women’s Technology Council, which they have been achieving through their community.

Do women have a future in tech?

Women are a part of the workforce that you cannot replace easily. Moreover, the Women’s Technology Council states that it is their goal to help women find new job positions in the technology sphere.

Equality in the technology sphere is a long way to go, but with the help of programs created by organizations such as the Women’s Technology Council, we are a little bit closer to it.

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