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Best Nintendo Switch Stands 2023

The Nintendo Switch expertly blurs the lines between a traditional docked console and a handheld device, but it’s not always easy to prop up when you’re on the move.

Even with the improved kickstand on the Nintendo Switch OLED, employing a dedicated option is the better solution for those who want to use it on the go and still keep the charge flowing – or those who just want a bit of a better angle to play at.

Not all of these stands are created equally, but, thankfully, the list of things to consider before choosing isn’t actually too long. Some are designed specifically for Nintendo’s versatile console, and others are able to prop up anything from the console to tablets, e-readers and smartphones. Generally, this is the only real variance in design.

So, then, all that’s left to do is discover some of our tried and tested picks below and match one to your taste and budget.

Hori Playstand for Nintendo Switch
Best overall

Made for Switch

A simple but elegant solution to your play-and-charge needs, folding away neatly when play sessions are over.

ProsAn official option that feels designed for the console Folds down Sturdy
ConsNot as lean as other stands

Hori provides one of the few stands with Nintendo’s official seal of approval, and this pick was one of our favourites during testing.

If you’re primarily looking for a dedicated Switch stand, this is ideal. Not only does it fit the Switch perfectly, but the rubberised grips keep it locked into place, too. It’s also got three neat adjustable angles, and, of course, the design allows for charging during play.

Plus, when you’re all done gaming, it can quickly be folded up and put away.

Lamicall Playstand for Nintendo Switch
Best versatility

Excellent pick

A versatile stand that allows users to prop up their Switch and other gadgets.

ProsCan hold more than just the Switch Good viewing angles
ConsSturdier options are available elsewhere

Lamicall’s offering is designed to cater for more devices than just the Nintendo Switch, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do a stellar job of letting you prop up the console.

As is standard with the devices on this list, you’ll be able to run the charging cable underneath the cradle and ensure play-and-charge capabilities.

It was able to easily lock the Switch in place during our testing, and, although it didn’t feel quite as cut out for the Switch as others, has the versatility to also act as a stand for tablets, smartphones and anything under around 14mm.

Hori Dual USB Playstand for Nintendo Switch
Premium Pick

Bonus charging

A great charging stand that has been officially licensed by Nintendo as a mark of its quality.

ProsCharges controllers Small and sturdy Works with all models

The Dual USB Playstand By Hori is a little like the other Hori Playstand further up, but features the addition of two charging ports to let you game on wired controllers or charge things up while you play.

This makes it more versatile and useful if you’re in a bind, so if you have a little extra budget we think it’s a very sensible option to get an upgraded experience.

Amazon Basics Playstand for Nintendo Switch
Best value

Simple choice

An affordable, tidy option that simply does the job, allowing users to play while they charge.

ProsAffordable and functional Folds down Multiple angles
ConsFairly unattractive design

Whenever you require a simple bit of kit, Amazon Basics is always on hand to offer up some help – and its Switch playstand is no different.

It has very little in the way of bells and whistles, but users who want a simple, affordable way to charge while playing have it with this pick. The rubberised feet are a nice touch, helping it to remain stable while gaming, and the neat slot is a great way to feed through the charging cable, too.

It’s not the most elegant or fancy stand you’ll come across, but it does the job, folds away and is an essential accessory for your Switch.

ADZ Playstand for Nintendo Switch

Compact option

$11.99 $14.99 Save $3

With a slim design and multiple viewing angles, this stand is ideal for taking on the road.

ProsSolid mechanism Multiple angles Folds down
ConsVery plasticky

Another top alternative to explore comes from ADZ, whose Switch playstand provides three different viewing angles and a collapsible design.

It’s one of the easiest stands to charge from and lock your Switch into, in our experience, since it adds a bit of extra room for those who employ a case on their device.

It’s also extremely compact, measuring in at 6.3 x 3.94 x 0.71-inches, which makes it one of the best picks on this list for travelling with.

As we’ve already pointed out up top, there’s not actually a huge amount to really consider before you decide on your perfect Switch stand. However, since we’ve had the experience of dealing with plenty for this guide, we’ll use this section to list a few things to keep in mind when choosing.

Charging as you play with a Switch stand

Almost every stand we’ve tested is designed for you to charge as you play – and, of course, making this easier than handheld play-and-charge gaming is one of the big benefits of owning a stand. However, keep in mind that there are a couple of designs to pick between. Most will allow you to feed a cable through a narrow gap, keeping things neat and tidy, while some are designed more as docks. There’s no major difference here – though, as you can expect, docked designs are often limited to propping up just Switch consoles (unless the USB-C dock can be adjusted).

Will you be travelling with your stand?

In our experience, while almost all Switch stands can fold down easily and be thrown into a backpack, not all are sturdy enough to handle the likes of train, plane or car journeys. We’d recommend going for something with rubber pads on the underside of the stand, since this tends to help some of the wobbles, and it’s also worth finding something that keeps the console locked into position if you’re likely to only use it when travelling.

Do you need a stand that can support other devices?

We’ve just mentioned the issue with dedicated Switch docks, but, again, it might not just be the console you’re looking to prop up. If you’re likely to want to throw your tablet, smartphone or e-reader onto a stand, then it obviously makes sense to consider this before plumping for a more limited option. It’s why we feature so many versatile picks in our list above.


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