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Free Social Media Learning Resources

Nonstop change describes social media platforms. New features, functionality, and rules roll out seemingly daily. The updates can improve performance but also frustrate those of us attempting to use them. Thankfully, most social platforms offer free learning resources, especially for advertising.

The exceptions are BeReal, which discourages commerce use, and Mastodon, which does not offer advertising.

Some of the learning programs offer certification upon completion, enabling marketers to showcase their professional development while building valuable skills. Beware, however, as most of the resources are promotional and naturally biased toward their own platform.

Free Social Media Learning Resources

Meta Blueprint provides training and certification for Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp through free online courses. The options include social media marketing, community management, and skills for strategy, composition, and development. Practice tests and study guides help guide to certification.

Home page of Meta Blueprint

Meta Blueprint

TikTok Academy offers an eight-module, high-level “101 Course” explaining the platform’s creative recommendations, brand safety, and various advertising options. TikTok provides more hands-on instruction at its Ads Academy, Business Learning Center, and Creative Agency Academy.

Home page of TikTok Academy

TikTok Academy

Pinterest Academy is designed to optimize ads rather than improve organic engagement. The academy consists of 12 courses — from a basic introduction to targeting, creative strategy, and attribution. Learners earn badges as they complete the courses.

Home page of Pinterest Academy

Pinterest Academy

YouTube Creators is the platform’s dedicated learning channel. Registration is not required. There’s no formal certification but plenty of instructions, how-to tips, and explanations of the latest features.

Home page of YouTube Creators

YouTube Creators

Snapchat Focus, a learning portal, addresses advertising and offers certification. Courses vary from headline suggestions to creative, strategy, and measurement.

Home page of Snapchat Focus

Snapchat Focus

Twitter Flight School, the platform’s formal learning center, is focused on advertising skills. Twitter’s Business section offers instruction on all aspects of the platform, including toolkits, downloadable guides, and guidance.

Home page of Twitter Flight School

Twitter Flight School

LinkedIn Learning contains over 20,000 courses in seven languages, primarily in general business skills rather than on the platform itself. However, Learning includes LinkedIn-specific courses (find them via a keyword search). Access to LinkedIn Learning requires a paid subscription, although the first month is free.

Home page of LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

Google Digital Garage covers general digital marketing topics, including social media, analytics, search, and Google’s advertising products.

Home page of Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage


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