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MoFi Electronics’ StudioDAC Supports DSD and MQA

Has the external DAC category run out of steam? With the exception of the Dongle DACs that keep landing on our doorstep each month to review, it definitely feels as if the high-end DAC category is out of favor with consumers. And for good reason.

With so many network amplifiers, wireless speakers, streamers, and integrated amplifiers coming with 24-bit/192kHz or higher DACs — why does one even require a separate DAC anymore?

There are some in the Head-Fi space who would argue that combining your milk and meat is non kosher (that actually came from my Rabbi) behavior if you want to maximize your headphone listening experience; enthusiasts would point to the success of Schiit Audio, Topping, and FiiO that offer high-performance, affordable separates as a source of validation.

Food for thought.

One thing that really interests us about the new MoFi Electronics StudioDAC, is that it was designed in collaboration with Mytek Audio engineer, Michal Jurewicz.

Jurewicz has some impressive design skills and a relatively strong track record of success with his own products at Mytek Audio. The Polish engineer had a few issues with suppliers back in his native homeland, which took some steam out of his success, but there is no question that he knows how to build a great sounding DAC.

The StudioDAC offers an exceptional listening experience at a very attainable price point. Supporting DSD, DXD, and MQA audio formats, the MoFi StudioDAC allows users to immerse themselves in their favorite music with exceptional clarity and fidelity.

The StudioDAC is proudly manufactured in the United States, embodying MoFi Electronics’ unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality audio components.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA, the StudioDAC represents meticulous craftsmanship and quality.
Multiple input options including USB 2.0, S/PDIF and Toslink to provide seamless integration with various audio sources.
Full MQA decoding and rendering, delivering an authentic listening experience for MQA-encoded music.
Low-noise precision clock generator, the StudioDAC minimizes jitter, resulting in an unadulterated audio experience.
Apodizing Filter that eliminates sharp edged high-frequencies and mitigates pre-ringing artifacts to create a more natural sound which accurately reflects the original analog signal.
LED indicators intuitively display the incoming audio format and resolution for easy confirmation of bit-perfect playback.
Outboard power supply is included for low-noise playback and allows for future upgrades.

“Our goal was to create a high-performance DAC that surpasses the sound quality one expects from an affordable design. Working with an experienced and respected engineer like Michal Jurewicz of Mytek Audio, combined with countless hours of listening for careful voicing and fine-tuning, resulted in the MoFi StudioDAC having a transparent, engaging and pure sound that we’re very proud to put the MoFi Electronics name on,” said John Schaffer, President MoFi Electronics.

Digital Inputs: 1x Coax (S/PDIF), 1x Optical (TOSlink), USB B
D/A Converter: ESS9038Q2M
Sampling Rates: 32/44.1/48/88.2/96/176.2/192/352.8/384 kHz
DSD Support (USB): DSD64, DSD128
MQA Support: Full MQA decode + render by hardware
Bit Depth (USB): 16-32 bits
Bit Depth (COAX, Toslink): 16-24 bits
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.2db
Analog Out: 1x Fixed Level Out (RCA)
Output Voltage: 2.5 VRMS @ 0dbfs
THD+N: <0.002% 20-20Khz
Dynamic Range: 115dB (A-weighted)
SNR: >114dB (A-weighted)
Crosstalk @ 10KHZ: -110dB
Output Impedance: 75 Ohms (unbalanced)
Linearity: <+/-0.25db @ -110db
Power Supply (external 100-240VAC): +12 Vdc 3.3 Amp center positive
Output Connector (external 100-240VAC): 5.5/2.5mm barrel connector

The MoFi Electronics StudioDAC is available now for $599 USD at

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