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Motive Card partners with 7-Eleven and Speedway to double its discount partner network.

At Motive, we know the cost of operating a vehicle-based business is at an all-time high. In 2022, fleet costs increased by over 20% and the cost of operations per mile exceeded $2.22 for the first time. With fuel, repair, and maintenance driving expenses up, it’s important for businesses to continually find ways to become more efficient and get a better handle on spending. 

That’s where the Motive Card comes in. We’re proud to be able to offer our customers deep discounts across many partners and categories nationwide, and with the launch of our partnership with 7-Eleven and Speedway, we’re adding thousands more locations where fleets can reduce their fuel costs.

Where can I get fuel savings with the Motive Card?

Motive Card brings our enormous customer base together to secure some of the best discounts in the market. This means our cardholders can get bigger discounts than they might otherwise, because we’re negotiating based on the amount purchased by our entire Motive customer base, ~2.4B+ gallons of fuel every year. 

Did you know we have over 11,000 discount partner locations across the country?

“In the face of rising costs, it’s really important that we help our Motive Card customers reduce the day-to-day expense of fueling up and operating their vehicles so they can improve profitability,” said Drew Quinlan, VP of Business Development at Motive. “That’s why we’re committed to giving access to such a large network of discount partners and top-tier discounts. We’re also extending the savings we offer beyond fuel, helping businesses save on maintenance and other cost drivers.”

Motive Card discount partners 

We’re really proud of our growing partner network and excited to have recently launched several new discount partners in addition to 7-Eleven and Speedway, including EG America brands, Idle Smart, Kum & Go, Blaine Brothers, Gear Head Lube,  and Sapp Bros. With the Motive Card, fleets can maximize purchasing power with Tier 1 savings averaging over 20 cents per gallon. Discounts are available at more than 11,000 partner locations and no gallon minimums are required. That’s not all: the Motive Card also offers discounts at over 100 independent truck stops across the country, giving you lots of options to drive great savings for your business. Existing customers can also see all discount partners in the benefits tab of the Motive dashboard.

No hidden fees

Unlike other cards on the market, the Motive Card for fleets  has no hidden fees, so you can rest easy knowing your savings won’t be eroded by set-up, monthly, transaction, administration, or any other fees charged by traditional fleet cards. 

More than a fleet card

Another key advantage of the Motive Card is its compatibility with the extensive Mastercard network. Unlike traditional fleet cards which usually only allow fuel purchases, Motive cardholders can conveniently make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted, reducing the burden of non-fuel payment tracking and reimbursement. You really only need one card for all purchases.Interested in learning more about the Motive Card? Contact us today. Learn more about how the Motive Card can help your business reduce costs and improve efficiency.


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