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Plus One Robotics reaches 1 Billion Picks

Sophisticated robots and AI software set a new bar for accuracy, speed and scalability

Plus One Robotics, a provider of AI vision software and solutions for robotic parcel handling, announced today that it has recorded over 1 billion successful picks across its fleet of parcel induction and depalletization robots. This achievement cements Plus One Robotics as an industry leader, proving its robotic automation technology enhances supply chain productivity at an immense scale – not just in theory but in application.

“Reaching 1 billion picks is an incredible achievement that speaks to the trust that our customers have placed in our technology and to the hard work of our entire team,” said Erik Nieves, co-founder and CEO of Plus One Robotics. “When we started Plus One Robotics, our vision was to create robotic solutions that would transform warehouse operations and relieve people from low-value tasks. Now, just a few years later, our systems are driving efficiency, accuracy and speed for some of the biggest brands in the world. Best of all, that’s 1 billion picks that people didn’t have to perform manually.”

This milestone comes at a critical time for the logistics industry. The explosive growth of e-commerce, with online shopping now accounting for 20% of total retail globally and projected to reach 30% by 2030, places immense pressure on traditional fulfillment methods. Warehouses are struggling to keep pace with the ever-increasing volume and variety of orders, leading to inefficiencies, errors and rising costs.

Plus One Robotics addresses these challenges head-on with PickOne, its AI-powered vision software and Yonder, a cutting-edge human-in-the-loop remote supervisor service. Yonder provides real-time human oversight allowing remote Crew Chiefs to act as virtual co-pilots, expertly guiding robots through edge cases and complex situations, ensuring over 99% pick accuracy. This dynamic human-robot collaboration addresses rising labor costs and safety concerns in warehouses while also supporting rapid adaptation to new SKUs and products.

The data advantage of a billion images from all types of parcels and cases makes Plus One Robotics the ideal partner for scaling operations with confidence. Human-in-the-loop enables robots to learn new SKUs quickly and become more autonomous and intelligent over time.

“We are proving that humans and robots working collaboratively is the future of warehouse innovation,” Nieves said. “I’m thrilled with what we’ve accomplished so far, but warehouse operators know this is just the beginning. There are a lot more use cases for robots in the warehouse; with our scale comes new innovations that will drive the next generation of robot applications.”

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