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CareView Communications unveils Software Release 5.11

CareView Communications, Inc., a leading provider of integrated virtual care solutions for the healthcare industry (“CareView” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: CRVW), is proud to announce the release of Software Version 5.11, the latest advancement in patient care technology.

“The release of Software Version 5.11 illustrates CareView’s continued commitment to providing our customers with the latest technologies focused on increasing patient safety and enhancing user experience,” explained Derek del Carpio, Vice President of Product Development. “With each software update, we look at each component that makes up our software and identify opportunities to add value for our customers and patients. Version 5.11 offers developments that do just that.”

Key highlights of Software Release 5.11 include:

Smart Bed Detection: This update includes the addition of automated bed detection for use with CareView’s Virtual Bed Rails®. This simplifies the usage of CareView’s patented AI-driven technology that notifies staff when the patient demonstrates an intention to leave the bed.

Clinical Support to TeleCareView: This update expands CareView’s virtual nursing platform to include Clinical Support providing additional opportunities for hospital systems to add remote nurse mentoring and physician consulting to their care teams.

Virtual Sitter Dashboard: This update provides a new dashboard that reflects real-time statistics and performance information of the virtual sitter staff enabling hospital leadership and supervisors the ability to observe and react to virtual sitter workload and effectiveness.

Additional Languages: This update includes the addition of eight new languages within CareView’s software, including: Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, Haitian Creole, Swedish, Tamil, Urdu, and Yiddish, to the languages already supported and allow staff to play pre-recorded messages for the patient at the push of a button.

Alarm Management Overhaul: This update provides refinements to alarm management specifically designed to support dedicated patient observation, including additional response time information and improved visual cues targeted at improving the effectiveness of remote observers.

CareView remains dedicated to collaborating with healthcare providers to enhance patient safety, streamline clinical workflows, and improve overall patient care. This latest software release reinforces CareView’s mission to support hospital care teams with innovative virtual care solutions.


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