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Ryght, Lucem Health to advance disease detection and treatment with AI

Ryght, an innovator in generative AI (GenAI) technology for life science companies, today announced a partnership with Lucem Health to deploy applications that incorporate Ryght’s GenAI capabilities into the Lucem Health platform. The collaboration aims to enable Lucem Health to add GenAI to its AI SolutionOps platform and use it to enhance the company’s early disease detection and treatment acceleration solutions.

Lucem Health and Ryght will leverage specialized access to Ryght’s advanced GenAI technology, which utilizes various large language models (LLMs) fine-tuned for the sector. The technology will enable Lucem Health to develop new insights from longitudinal patient records, including a more robust understanding of the journeys and experiences of patients living with diseases.

“Lucem Health is a leader in delivering early disease detection and treatment acceleration solutions to healthcare providers, and we are looking forward to our collaboration,” said Simon Arkell, CEO of Ryght. “Lucem Health’s AI SolutionOps platform already provides a robust set of capabilities to bring the power of clinical AI from the bench to the bedside. We look forward to helping the Lucem Health team enhance its platform and solutions by incorporating our innovative copilots and applications. The collaboration between Lucem Health and Ryght will deliver significant benefits, such as improved patient outcomes, reduced costs, enhanced quality of care, and increased patient satisfaction.”

“We are excited to partner with Ryght and leverage their GenAI platform and expertise,” said Sean Cassidy, CEO of Lucem Health. “Ryght’s cutting-edge technology aligns perfectly with our vision of using the power and potential of AI to transform healthcare data into novel, actionable insights that help clinicians practice more proactive care that delivers better patient outcomes.”

RSVP for Ryght’s upcoming LinkedIn Live discussion on Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024, to learn more about how GenAI is reshaping the landscape of clinical development. Interested individuals can request access to a free version of Ryght currently available in beta at


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