Wednesday, May 22, 2024

iEi TANK-XM811 Modular Edge AI Rugged PC

ICP Electronics Australia has launched the iEi TANK-XM811, a fanless embedded PC featuring Intel’s 13th/12th Generation Core processors in a robust platform designed for edge AI applications. This system supports a trio of CPUs: the i5-12500TE, i7-12700TE and the i9-12900TE, each offering a balance of performance and power efficiency with up to 4.8 GHz turbo frequencies and 16 cores on the flagship model.

Equipped with dual 2.5GbE ports for high-speed networking, numerous USB and serial ports for peripheral connectivity and multiple internal expansion options, the PC is designed to provide flexibility and scalability. Users can further customise their set-up with various optional backplanes and chassis, tailoring the system to meet specific industrial IoT requirements such as surveillance, transportation and advanced manufacturing.

The device is supported by its enhanced GPU and NVMe storage capabilities. Its eChassis modules offer scalability, allowing for easy integration of additional GPUs or accelerators to boost AI inference performance. Furthermore, this system also features a fanless cooling design that enables operation in extreme temperatures and conditions, making it suitable for deployment in challenging environments.

The device is also certified for CE and FCC compliance, for safety in industrial settings. Its emphasis on modular design also reduces lead times, providing a configurable solution for modern edge computing challenges.

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