Friday, May 24, 2024

Metromatics HBK 3DM-GQ7-GNSS/INS MicroStrain

Metromatics now offers the MicroStrain by HBK 3DM-GQ7-GNSS/INS. This sensor is designed to provide accurate positioning and orientation, making it suitable for guiding drones and unmanned vehicles or even navigating autonomous robots.

The sensor features two multi-band GNSS receivers, alongside a tactical-grade IMU, to help enable projects to stay on track during harsh conditions ranging from dense urban environments to remote, uncharted territories. The sensor also features RTK support and an adaptive Kalman filter.

With the addition of Microstrain’s mobile-enabled 3DM-RTK Modem and the SensorCloud RTK Network, users can enhance the sensor’s navigation capabilities for greater accuracy, tracking and performance.

The sensor is also designed to be compact and efficient across a variety of settings. Plus, with features like 1.5°/h gyro bias instability, dual antenna GNSS heading, adjustable sampling rates up to 1 kHz and a lightweight design, it’s engineered to support a range of projects.

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