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Stable Release of Android Studio Hedgehog

Sandhya Mohan, Product Manager, has announced the stable release of Android Studio Hedgehog, the official IDE for building Android apps. This release includes an upgrade to the IntelliJ platform 2023.1, which brings improvements in app performance, battery life, and development speed with Jetpack Compose.

The App Quality Insights feature now includes Android vitals data from Google Play Console, allowing developers to see crash reports without additional instrumentation. The new Power Profiler shows power consumption by subsystems, helping developers optimize their apps for better battery performance.

Android Studio Hedgehog also introduces updates to the SDK Upgrade Assistant, a new UI with compact mode and project tabs for Mac OS, and device mirroring in the Running Devices window. The Layout Inspector can now be run directly in the Running Devices tool window, and Live Edit has a new shortcut for manual mode.

For Compose tools, Gallery mode in Compose Preview conserves rendering resources, and the debugger now lists state information for Composable functions. Compose Multipreview templates support the latest annotations for common layout scenarios.

Build tools include a new macro to specify the JDK path for Gradle daemon execution, minimizing errors related to incompatible Gradle and project JDK versions. Windows users can minimize the impact of antivirus software on build speed with Build Analyzer recommendations. Gradle Managed Devices now support Firebase Test Lab devices for automated tests at scale.

Developers are encouraged to download Android Studio Hedgehog and provide feedback on any issues or desired features. For more updates on Android development, follow Sandhya Mohan on Twitter, Medium, or YouTube.

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