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Tesla FSD V12 Alpha Is “Mind-Blowing,” Says Elon Musk

Tesla’s so-called Full Self-Driving advanced driver assistance suite is still on software version 11, but the next big release has been touted by enthusiasts and CEO Elon Musk as being a huge step forward in the ability of the American EVs to finally deliver on the promise that’s written on the box. In other words, to drive themselves.

Now, the outspoken head honcho appears to have added more fuel to the fire that is the Tesla hype machine, saying in a Twitter (now known as X) reply that he tested version 12 Alpha of the company’s driving assistance suite and that it’s “mind-blowing.”

The comment was directed toward the Whole Mars Catalog account, which tweeted that “FSD Beta is getting freakishly good.” Mind you, this is the same person that described a Tesla with FSD Beta active that didn’t stop at a pedestrian crossing as “one of the most bullish/exciting things I’ve seen.”

As for Musk’s reply, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what he wants to say. Recently, he commented that FSD might reach Level 4 or Level 5 autonomy this year, although he then said that “this is only speculation,” which is confusing, to say the least.

Furthermore, back in May, Tesla’s CEO argued that software version 12 is reserved “for when FSD is end-to-end AI” so maybe with this latest tweet he’s implying that the American EV brand has somehow implemented artificial intelligence into its driver assistance system, but we can’t know for sure.

As a reminder, FSD Beta is currently regarded as a Level 2 system, according to the SAE Levels of Driving Automation table, which says that the driver is always driving the car whenever the support features are engaged. A Level 1-capable vehicle will provide steering or brake/acceleration support to the driver, while a Level 2-capable vehicle will provide both at the same time.

A Level 3 system means that the person behind the wheel is not driving the car when the automated driving features are enabled, but that the driver has to take over when the system requires it. Moving forward, a Level 4 system removes the requirement for the driver to take over in certain situations.

So, what do you think will happen when Tesla FSD V12 will be released? Let us know in the comments section below.


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