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1965 BMW 700 CS EV Conversion Heading To Auction, Could Fetch Over $31,000

An EV-converted, right-hand drive 1964 BMW 700 CS is heading to action today on after going through a full bare-metal body restoration in 2020.

The 700 was built between 1959 and 1965 and saw sales of over 188,000 units worldwide, but a right-hand drive one in good condition is a pretty rare occurrence in the United Kingdom. Add the fact that this particular example is an all-electric one, and you have the recipe for an interesting conversation starter, at least if you go to the places where EV-loving, BMW enthusiasts go to wind down.

With a BMW Classic certificate under its belt, this white 700 CS got an EV conversion at eDub Services in Yorkshire in 2021 using a Net Gain HyPer 9 motor but retaining the original four-speed manual transmission.

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The setup has no clutch, so the driver needs to think ahead of the journey, selecting a suitable gear before driving away: the first gear is seldom used, the second gear has a limited top speed but perkier acceleration, while the third is a sort of all-purpose driving mode, thanks to the electric motor’s generous torque. Fourth gear is reserved for high-speed driving such as on the highway, where the 70 miles per hour top speed can be achieved.

A driving range of up to 100 miles is provided by a set of 10 LG Chem cells which offer 26 kilowatt-hours of energy and which can be recharged at up to 6.6 kW via the integrated Type 2 socket.

Imported from South Africa in 2018, the converted German classic got an interior makeover which saw the seats being retrimmed and the carpets and headlining replaced, with the only tell-tale sign of its electric powertrain being the centrally mounted Orion BMS power meter that shows the remaining range in 10 percent increments.

The car comes with its original manuals and certificates, as well as the maintenance history from its time in the UK, and is tax-exempt, MOT-exempt, and ULEZ-compliant.

“UK-registered BMW 700s are far from commonplace, and this example is unique amongst them,” said Dale Vinten, Head of Editorial at Car & Classic. “Small, nimble, and emissions-free, this BMW represents a rare opportunity to own a very usable and unique vehicle.”

According to CarAndClassic, this restored and EV-converted BMW 700 CS could fetch over $31,700 (£25,000) at auction.


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