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5 Content Marketing Ideas for June 2023

A calendar of content marketing ideas is also a schedule of sales opportunities.

When it regularly creates, publishes, and promotes owned content, your business enables sales opportunities through search engine optimization, email marketing, and other forms of content discovery.

The only problem is selecting topics. What will fill your content marketing editorial calendar? Well, here are five content marketing ideas you can use for June 2023.

Strawberry Moon

June 3, 2023, will be the last full moon of spring. Native Americans from the Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota peoples called it the Strawberry Moon because it typically occurs when wild strawberries ripen, according to the Farmers’ Almanac.

Photo of a full moon.

The strawberry moon from June 2022. Photo: Micah Giszack.

This full moon can be a content hook for blog posts, podcasts, or videos focused on the coming summer, the moon itself, or delightful strawberries.

For example, an online kitchen supply store could produce a series of strawberry-filled recipes for salads, entrees, desserts, and even cocktails. An online shop selling science toys and games might write about the astrological event itself.

The Way to …

A tutorial article or video explains, describes, or demonstrates how to complete a task or gain a skill. These articles and videos position your business as an expert and can create a sense of reciprocity with your potential customers. That feeling may lead to sales and even advocacy, wherein customers recommend your content and products to others.

For your company’s June 2023 content, consider creating tutorials with titles beginning with “The Way to….”

Here are a few examples.

  • Men’s fashion clothing brand: “The Way to Wear Shorts and Not Look Like a Kid.”
  • Storage or organization store: “The Way to Organize Your Closet and Double Your Space.”
  • Home improvement store: “The Way to Summerize Your HVAC and Save Hundreds.”
Screenshot of a Mr Porter blog post, titled "Three Ways to Wear Suede Sandals This Summer."

Men’s clothing shop Mr Porter has long been a leading example of a retail brand that excels at content marketing. The company has several articles with “Ways to” in the title.

A variation to this theme is to shorten the title phrase to “Ways to.”

  • Gardening shop: “Ways to Layer Blubs for an Ever-blooming Garden.”
  • Running shoe store: “Ways to Shave 2 Minutes Off Your 5K.”
  • Kitchen supply retailer: “Ways to Save Thousands with Summer Canning.”

National Splurge Day

National Splurge Day on June 18 is a pseudo-holiday with unclear origins, perhaps an offset of the popular self-care movement.

Photo of a male on a bicycle in a tropical setting

When it is time to splurge on yourself, follow your dream. Photo: Austin Distel.

Regardless, National Splurge Day is an opportunity for content marketers to help prospects splurge — within limits.

Here are some potential article titles:

  • An online golf shop: “Indulge in Luxury Golf Equipment This National Splurge Day.”
  • A wine retailer: “Sip and Splurge: Discover Luxurious Wines for National Splurge Day.”
  • Power equipment store: “Splurge on Your Business. 10 Construction Tools to Earn More.”

Summertime Planners

June 21, 2023, is the official beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Your audience of customers will be ready for summertime activities and could benefit from a summertime planner or calendar, listing upcoming celebrations or activities.

Photo of two females on paddleboards near a power boat

Help your audience of customers plan for the summer. Paddleboarding anyone? Photo: Ravi Kayden.

Connect the summer activities you create with the products your business sells. Here are a few examples.

  • A home decor shop could produce a summer party guide with a list of occasions and decorations.
  • A hardware store might create a planner recommending do-it-yourself outdoor projects.
  • A fitness apparel brand can release a workout guide for outdoor sports or activities.

These summer planners could take the form of articles, videos, downloadable PDFs, or lightweight apps. And it doesn’t have to start on the 21st. June is also National Outdoor Month in the United States, and June 3 is National Trails Day.

Father’s Day Gift Guides

If June were a topographical map, Father’s Day would be Mt. Everest. From the retail perspective, it stands above all other observances in the month.

Photo of a middle-aged man holding a baby

Father’s Day is the most important June holiday for ecommerce. Photo by Isaac Quesada.

Adding Father’s Day to this list is helpful owing to its importance to retailers. But it’s also obvious. A merchant doesn’t need a list to know the sales potential of Father’s Day.

So take this suggestion as a challenge. In June 2023, release an interactive Father’s Day gift guide. It could be a form of guided selling, perhaps a mobile app that focuses on your store’s father-friendly products. It could be any digital tool to sell more this Father’s Day.


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