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6 Emerging Data Science Job Opportunities for 2023

Data Science Job Opportunities

Techies in data science explore the 6 emerging data science job opportunities for 2023

The era of smart factories with embedded software, sensors, and robotics that generate real-time data is known as Industry 4.0. Consequently, there has been a significant increase in the demand for professionals who possess the appropriate skill competencies in data science. By 2026, it is anticipated that 11 million jobs will be created for data scientists, resulting in a potential incredible increase in average salary, according to industry estimates. Indian Data Scientists earn Rs 8,24,562 annually, while Data Scientists in the United States earn an average base salary of US$ 141,804 (Rs 1,10,89,966), according to a jobs portal’s industry report.

  • Data Scientist: A data scientist has the analytical, creative, and communication skills needed to solve business problems and build respect. Data scientists require programming, measurement, artificial intelligence, information warfare, and space data expertise.

  • Data Analyst: Someone who can collect, organize, and interpret data to react to direct questions or support instructions is known as a data analyst. An information examiner requires knowledge of Python, SQL, Succeed, information representation, and business knowledge tools.

  • Data Engineer: A data engineer plans, develops, and maintains the data pipelines and infrastructure necessary for data analysis and machine learning. A data engineer must be proficient with cloud computing, big data frameworks, ETL tools, databases, and APIs.

  • Machine Learning Engineer: A machine learning engineer has the skills to create, implement, and optimize machine learning models and systems that can learn from data and perform tasks like classification, regression, clustering, recommendation, and other similar tasks. A machine learning engineer must be proficient in Python, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, computer vision, natural language processing, and deep learning.

  • Manager of Data Science: A data science manager is someone capable of leading and supervising a team of data scientists and analysts. Project management, communication, stakeholder management, domain expertise, and best practices are all necessary skills for a data science manager.

  • Data Science Consultant: Clients can get expert guidance and solutions from a data science consultant on how to use data science to achieve their business objectives. Skills in problem-solving, communication, presentation, business acumen, and data science methodologies are essential for a data science consultant.


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