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7 ChatGPT Browser Extensions for SEO

ChatGPT can streamline search engine optimization. Browser extensions help by creating better SEO-related prompts and quicker ChatGPT access.

What follows are seven browser extensions for ChatGPT. I tested each in either Firefox or Chrome, but I caution against using all of them simultaneously owing to potential conflicts. Pick those that fit your routine and setup.

Templates for Prompts

ChatGPT is only as good as the prompt. Three browser extensions offer inspiration.

AIPRM for ChatGPT is a Chrome extension with one-click access to curated prompt templates for SEO.

Screenshot of template page from AIPRM

AIPRM for ChatGPT offers curated prompt templates for SEO. Click image to enlarge.

Here’s an example. I chose the “Keyword Strategy” template and then entered the phrase “funny Instagram locations” into the extension. In response to that prompt, ChatGPT generated this chart with more keywords in that cluster, including their intent, title tags, and meta descriptions.

Screenshot of keyword clusters in ChatGPT

Using the “Keyword Strategy” prompt template, ChatGPT generated keyword clusters. Click image to enlarge.

Create an AIPRM account and connect ChatGPT to it. The extension will then save your favorite prompts for easier access.

I’ve used the extension repeatedly. It’s beneficial even for tasks I hadn’t thought of. But it performs best with the premium version of ChatGPT. That’s the only drawback.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius is a Firefox and Chrome extension. Start by choosing one of the templates.

Screenshot of ChatGPT Prompt Genius templates

ChatGPT Prompt Genius provides templates. Click image to enlarge.

Then complete the highlighted fields to inform ChatGPT of your need.

Screenshot of prompt template page

Complete the highlighted fields to instruct ChatGPT. Click image to enlarge.

Superpower ChatGPT is another extension for Firefox and Chrome that offers access to community-driven prompts, among other useful features.

Install the extension and click “Community prompts.” Then search the prompts based on your task and sort results by “Top” to see those with the most votes.

Users can “Favorite” a prompt to access it quicker via their extension history.

Superpower ChatGPT is less organized than the AIPRM extension above. I scrolled through dozens of prompts before finding one to try. Nonetheless, many of the prompts were inspiring.

Sources and References

ChatGPT offers limited ability to browse the web and provide sources.

WebChatGPT is a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that attaches top search results to each prompt, instructing ChatGPT to use and reference them as sources. Users can select how many top results the extension inserts into the prompt.

Say I ask ChatGPT, “What is a CTA?” The extension will search Google for that question and enhance my prompt with top organic results.

Screenshot of search results in WebChatGPT

WebChatGPT will search Google for a query and enhance the prompt with the top organic results. Click image to enlarge.

Answers from Search

ChatGPT for Google, a Firefox and Chrome extension, is a quick way to see ChatGPT-generated definitions of any query in Google. It is especially useful for defining terms within content or for publishing glossaries. Be sure to review each definition, however, for accuracy.

Instant Summaries

Summarize is a Chrome extension that prompts ChatGPT to condense any web page. Click the extension’s icon in the toolbar to load the ChatGPT summary. It’s handy for creating instant SEO briefs (of competitors’ content) or summarizing, but not duplicating, your own content for social media, email marketing, or even Medium.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT, an extension for Chrome and Safari, uses ChatGPT to summarize YouTube videos from their transcripts. The extension adds a button to each YouTube video page that links to ChatGPT with a prompt to create a summary from that transcript.

It creates descriptions of your own YouTube videos or assembles summaries to reference in other content.


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