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ABBYY and Novelis Innovation announced expanded partnership

Novelis Innovation’s momentum for deploying ABBYY purpose-built artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in Europe is expanding into the United States. Novelis successfully used ABBYY’s portfolio of intelligent automation solutions to drive greater document efficiency and strategic process visibility for several European clients in government, banking, and insurance, and Novelis will replicate this success in the United States with a broadened partnership with ABBYY.

Notable customer successes include Novelis utilizing ABBYY Process Intelligence to modernize electronic litigation platforms for the Conseil d’État, the highest judiciary court in France for issues relating to public administration; and Abeille Assurances, a major insurance company in France in collaboration with SS&C Blue Prism. Novelis helped these companies to eliminate major process bottlenecks, automate repetitive administrative tasks, and identify development priorities for further digital transformation of their legacy information systems.

Novelis also leveraged ABBYY Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions to streamline data entry for a leading debt management company in France, drastically reducing errors that could delay processes and invalidate claims. By incorporating ABBYY IDP into their automation solution, Novelis achieved dramatic improvements to the company’s business outcomes such as:

100% reduction of human error inputs, reinforcing process predictability and protection from efficiency and revenue losses consequent of entry errors.97% reduction of document processing time (from 45 minutes to just 1.5 minutes on average), accelerating customer outcomes and revenue cycles.Significant time back to the business (equivalent of 5 FTE’s), allowing for higher allocation of resources towards customer-facing processes and higher value tasks.

These improvements to the efficiency of the company’s core business processes also mitigated delays in their response to clients, improving customers’ experiences and their relationships with the insurance partner.

“Working with ABBYY has significantly broadened the effectiveness of our customers’ automation initiatives,” said Catherine Stewart, President & General Manager for the Americas at Novelis. “Their purpose-driven approach to AI and IDP lay the foundation for our automation strategies to excel in their specified areas, while process intelligence ensures our efforts are focused on the right areas in the first place. Whether it’s for a private company or one of the farthest-reaching government entities in France doesn’t matter – ABBYY brings the visibility and agility we need to tackle inefficiencies where they’re most critical.”

“Novelis’ expertise in innovation is instrumental to their clients’ success,” commented Bruce Orcutt, Chief Marketing Officer of Timeline at ABBYY. “Combining this expertise with the visibility and strategic foresight enabled by process intelligence has historically yielded optimal results for organizations pursuing a higher degree of efficiency and operational excellence, and ABBYY is excited to support the expansion of this success to more clients in the US.”

For more information about ABBYY’s AI-powered Process Intelligence solution, visit the ABBYY Timeline content hub:

To learn more about Novelis optimization of complex business processes, read the Process Intelligence for Operational Excellence: 2024 Industry Report here:

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