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Apprio featured in a new KLAS Emerging Insights Case Study

Case Study Details How RCM and Enrollment Automation Solutions Enhanced Large National Nonprofit Health System’s Revenues and Streamlined Operations

Apprio, a leading provider of smart automation solutions for healthcare, is featured in a new KLAS Emerging Insights Case Study that highlights how the company’s revenue cycle management (RCM) and enrollment automation tools are helping their clients obtain better financial results and enhance operations.

One of the largest health systems in the United States with more than 92,000 caregivers, employs Apprio’s automation solutions in 52 hospitals nationwide. In the course of a single year, Apprio’s automation solutions processed more than 2 million transactions, saving the health system more than 367,000 hours of labor.

KLAS interviewed several executives at this large nonprofit health system, noting users of Apprio’s automation solutions were “highly satisfied” and were able to redeploy staff on “more complex tasks that bring in more revenue.” Redeploying staff to higher-value activities is critical for helping improve employee satisfaction while making the organization more efficient.

“We’ve long known that our automation processes and solutions can revolutionize and modernize the way forward for hospitals and healthcare systems to manage revenues, staff, and operations,” said Kali Durgampudi, president and CEO of Apprio’s automation division. “This report validates that our solutions deliver as promised. We are very excited to showcase and expand our state-of-the-art solutions to many more clients.”

The case study notes that Apprio’s solutions helped the national nonprofit health system successfully manage higher volumes of patient accounts, identify Medicaid eligibility faster, accelerate cash collections, and reduce days in accounts receivable.

Apprio helps hospitals and health systems improve efficiencies by using artificial intelligence (AI)-powered and robotic process automation tools to streamline patient billing, prior approval from insurers, and Medicaid enrollment.

Read the full KLAS Emerging Insights Case Study.

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