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Base Launches Obligate for On-Chain Debt Capital Market Transactions

Zurich, Switzerland, November 30, 2023 – AlexaBlockchain reports that Obligate, an innovative platform for on-chain debt capital markets, has announced its launch on Base, an Ethereum layer 2 solution developed by Coinbase. This move signifies a significant step forward in the institutional adoption of blockchain technology and on-chain capital markets.

Matthias Wyss, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Obligate, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch on Base, stating that it aligns with their goal of encouraging institutional participation in on-chain capital markets. He believes that this collaboration will open up new opportunities for institutions to access on-chain debt products.

The decision to deploy on Base reflects Obligate’s dedication to addressing the challenges faced by institutions in on-chain capital markets. This strategic partnership aims to provide institutions with the tools and infrastructure needed to effectively engage in on-chain debt capital markets and access institutional-grade products. The integration with Base promises a scalable, secure, and cost-efficient protocol that will increase investor confidence.

Wyss emphasized that their deployment on Base is a significant step towards overcoming the obstacles faced by institutions and providing them with a secure and efficient way to engage with on-chain debt products. He views this as a transformative moment in the incorporation of blockchain technology into institutional finance.

For more information, visit Obligate’s website.

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