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Bernic electronic enclosure range

Bernic has launched the ERNI/TE Connectivity range of LDG-A and LDG-S electronic enclosures. Crafted from polycarbonate (PC) with a light grey finish, the enclosures offer a range of features to meet the requirements of modern industries. The range of enclosures features steel tin-plated screw clamp terminals for enhanced safety and a snap design to facilitate quick assembly. The enclosures also come with options for wall or DIN-rail mounting, and can accommodate different numbers of screw clamp terminals. Users can choose from 12, 14, 16, 30 or even 46 screw clamp terminals.

The LDG-A Series of fully insulated enclosures is suitable for PCB board protection, with screw clamp terminals to meet safety standards. The LDG-A series comes in sizes from LDG-A-12 to LDG-A-70, with a snap design for industrial and signalling applications.

The LDG-S Series of enclosures is designed for the machinery and automotive sectors, featuring DIN-rail mounting (LDG-S2 22.5 mm and LDG-S4 45 mm widths) for efficient installation. Users can also choose between screw terminal blocks or PCB headers for flexible termination. The LDG-S Series of enclosures also comes with integrated ventilation slots for efficient heat dissipation.

The Bernic LDG enclosures offer a secure housing solution for a range of electronic devices.

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