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Contextant announces strategic partnership with SVT Robotics™

Contextant, a systems integration provider of innovative warehouse automation solutions, announced a strategic partnership with SVT Robotics™, a software provider specializing in empowering IT teams to seamlessly integrate, monitor, and scale automation through its tech-agnostic platform. Under the partnership, Contextant will be a reseller of SVT’s SOFTBOT® Platform, enhancing its capabilities to deliver cutting-edge automation integration and multi-agent orchestration solutions to customers across industries.

The partnership leverages the strengths of both companies, combining Contextant’s material handling and robotics systems integration expertise with SVT Robotics’ advanced warehouse automation integration platform. This new collaboration will drive Contextant’s value-added service offerings in the multi-agent orchestration space, addressing the interoperability and orchestration challenges typically found between multiple automation technologies.

By leveraging the SOFTBOT Platform, Contextant will help customers overcome many of the integration and cost of ownership challenges that hinder companies from moving forward with warehouse automation. Customers will now be able to build their automation roadmap independent of IT and host system challenges and constraints, opening new doors to deploy state-of-the-art automation solutions that can streamline operations, increase efficiency, and drive overall productivity.

Building on the tech-agnostic SOFTBOT Platform, Contextant delivers a range of out-of-the-box and custom-tailored automation solutions that solve for customer-specific business needs. This includes bridging implementation gaps with an extensive library of prebuilt integrations and custom orchestrations to solve interoperability challenges throughout the supply chain. With a focus on reuse and templated deployments, Contextant reduces integration costs and time, while providing a single pane of glass for monitoring and support.

“We are excited to join forces with SVT Robotics and incorporate the SOFTBOT Platform into our automation offerings,” said Scott Winston, Business Development Director at Contextant. “We can now give customers the ability to realize value even faster and continue to grow into their automation solutions. We have not found any other tech-agnostic platform that allows connecting and orchestrating multiple supply chain systems at scale, with the ability to easily customize specific solutions on top of the platform. This is what makes this product unique and allows us to add value for our customers.”

SVT Robotics is equally enthusiastic about the collaboration. “By joining forces, Contextant extends the reach of our SOFTBOT Platform, helping businesses across various industries eliminate integration risks and increase uptime. This reduces the total cost of ownership for companies while maximizing the return on their automation investments,” said Jay Blinderman, VP of Sales and Partner Success at SVT Robotics.

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