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Deloitte expands Quartz AI™ Suite with Atlas AI™ for Drug Discovery

First-of-its kind Generative AI solution combines NVIDIA BioNeMo cloud APIs and training with Deloitte’s deep industry experience and skilled AI professionals to reimagine the drug discovery process

Today, Deloitte announced Atlas AI™, the latest addition to its Quartz AI™ suite of cross-industry solutions built on the NVIDIA AI and NVIDIA Omniverse™ platforms. As the first life sciences and health care (LSHC) offering under Quartz, Atlas AI includes a novel drug discovery accelerator that helps expedite research and bring new drugs to market faster. By using Generative AI models made accessible with BioNeMo, knowledge representation and reasoning, and custom protein Large Language Models (LLMs) and chemoinformatics LLMs, Atlas AI advances digital biology and transforms drug discovery with the latest AI technologies.

“Atlas AI is the very definition of how Generative AI and Large Language Models are enabling deeper data insights and more efficient human-machine collaboration to deliver real-world value,” said Dan Ferrante, AI leader for innovation and R&D and managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Atlas brings together data, language models and AI-powered scientific pipelines in a no-code interface to save valuable research time. We are proud to team with NVIDIA to drive drug discovery innovation and deliver faster, easier and more accurate insights that can accelerate the time it takes to bring new drugs to market.”

Atlas AI combines NVIDIA BioNeMo™ cloud APIs for intelligent chemical and protein design, structure prediction and mapping, with Deloitte’s proprietary Generative AI models and skilled AI professionals to identify areas where a drug may be applied most effectively. Built by the molecular modeling and drug discovery team at Deloitte, recently strengthened by the acquisition ofSFL Scientific, Atlas AI also leverages the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, which provides an immersive, collaborative 3D environment for scientists to simulate drug discovery experiments. Deloitte plans to continue expanding Atlas AI with additional LSHC applications, including Precision Medicine and Voice of the Patient Insight to help improve patient engagement and health outcomes.

“Enterprises across industries are searching for new ways to empower transformation with Generative AI — including in health care and life sciences,” said Kimberly Powell, vice president of health care at NVIDIA. “Built using NVIDIA BioNeMo, Atlas AI’s offerings, including the new drug discovery accelerator, will help provide clients with the tools they need to innovate faster and more competitively, as well as the flexibility required to experiment with and build enterprise-grade applications.”

The launch of Atlas AI follows Deloitte’srecent expansion of its strategic alliance with NVIDIA to unlock the value of Generative AI across enterprise software platforms. As part of the expanded alliance, Deloitte is working with NVIDIA to establish an Ambassador AI program to help clients advance their AI journeys using NVIDIA AI foundation models and the NVIDIA NeMo LLM framework. Under itsGenerative AI practice, Deloitte continues to scale its AI capabilities, alliances and offerings to capture growing demand and lead the marketplace, including the launch of its inauguralGenerative AI Dossier. Deloitte is committed to the safe and responsible use of Generative AI, guided by its Trustworthy AI™ framework, which helps users create necessary safeguards and mitigate risks during product development and operation.

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