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Digilent Analog Discovery Pro ADP2230 mixed signal oscilloscope

The Digilent Analog Discovery Pro (ADP2230) is a small, portable, mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) designed for professional engineers. It features two analog inputs (50+ MHz bandwidth), one analog output (15 MHz bandwidth) and digital I/O, with deep memory buffers all operating at up to 125 MSa/s. Users can both receive and generate digital signals to test and analyse data from various devices while simultaneously powering those systems with the device’s power supply. The design allows the MSO to perform the functions of several test and measurement devices, to replace a number of traditional instruments.

With Free WaveForms’ user interface software, users can view and capture complex data, perform spectral and network analysis, and retrieve large amounts of data. WaveForms leverages the ADP2230’s deep buffer memory, allowing hundreds of millions of samples to be stored and streamed back to the host computer.

The ADP2230 is part of the Digilent family of test and measurement devices that enable engineers, researchers, educators and scientists to design and test with flexibility. These customisable solutions cater to both professionals and emerging engineers, accelerating development while maintaining a low barrier to entry.

The ADP2230 features BNC connectors and an aluminium case. The device comes with 16 digital input/output channels and two power supply outputs. It can achieve USB 3.0 communication speeds and sync multiple devices for increased channel count. Extensive software support is also offeredthrough WaveForms, WaveForms SDK, LabVIEW, and MATLAB.

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