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GatesAir to unveil Intraplex service at NAB

GatesAir will launch a new Intraplex service that pairs cloud-based audio monitoring and alerting capabilities with its latest IP Link hardware solutions at NAB Show 2023.

The new IntraAlert service sends received and off-air audio streams to the cloud, which customers can access via a web browser or a dedicated mobile app. The app is available now as a free download in Apple App and Google Play stores.

The IntraAlert service is an extension of GatesAir’s partnership with ATCLabs, a specialist in audio compression and processing technologies that also served as the app developer. GatesAir integrates ATCLabs’ Perceptual SoundMax high-resolution, 10-band audio processing software within several Intraplex products, including the IP Link 100c codec and IP Link 100e plug-in module for GatesAir’s Flexiva radio transmitters.

Customers can now activate IntraAlert within either product upon registering for the service, and access a suite of monitoring and alerting tools scalable for multiple codecs, streams and locations once logged in. Service options include live confidence monitoring for quality assurance, as well as real-time service alerts based on specific audio parameters. The latter can include silence thresholds, as well as content disruptions caused by artifacts or dropped packets. Users also have access to deeper performance analytics, including network-level packet analysis tools.

IntraAlert represents GatesAir’s second Intraplex cloud solution, preceded by the Intraplex Ascent cloud platform for high-volume media transport.

Keyur Parikh, Vice President of Engineering, GatesAir, said: “GatesAir continues to integrate new software-defined features and functionality into its transmission and networking hardware to reduce capital expense and enhance services for our customers. IntraAlert reduces the need for auxiliary monitoring hardware in studios and at transmitter sites, instead allowing broadcasters to enable a valuable and affordable SaaS solution within familiar hardware. That benefit is amplified when using our IP Link 100e, which eliminates the need for a separate codec to feed the transmitter.”

GatesAir will demonstrate IntraAlert with the IP Link 100c and 100e solutions at the booth during NAB Show 2023, which begins Sunday at the Las Vegas Convention Center. GatesAir will also demonstrate the Intraplex 100e plug-in module within its new Flexiva GX FM transmitters.

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