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Gati Courier Charges: Your Ultimate Guide to Fast and Reliable Shipping

Globalisation and the increasing complexity of supply chains have led to the need for technology-supported end-to-end logistics. Gati is one of the pioneers in providing express distribution and supply chain solutions catering to various sectors. Founded in 1989, they have become experts in providing clients with surface and air express with customised solutions, especially in the retail and MSME sectors. Gati’s coverage spans 19,800 pin codes and 735 districts in India. Courier services were started by GATI in 1996. 

With its headquarters in Hyderabad, Gati is an environment-conscious company that adheres to world-class environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. With Allcargo Logistics now the promoter and the largest shareholder of Gati, the services provided include global supply chain, container freight shipping, inland container depot, contract logistics, logistics parks, crane rentals, etc.

Gati Courier Charges

To better understand how Gati courier charges are determined, let’s explore the factors that influence these charges.

Courier services play a crucial role in facilitating the transportation of goods and documents, both domestically and internationally. Understanding the factors that impact courier charges can help you make informed decisions that align with your specific business requirements. Here are key factors that affect Gati parcel charges:

Courier costs are calculated based on both real weight and dimensional weight. The real weight is defined as the package’s actual weight, while the dimensional weight is the amount of space it will occupy. Larger dimension packages will occupy more space on a carrier, increasing the Gati courier charges per kg.  

Courier charges also depend on the speed of delivery opted by the customer. For faster delivery, courier charges will be high. Anything apart from normal delivery will require additional workforce and resources. Hence, your delivery speed choice would directly affect the courier charges.

Longer distances require more fuel and time, thus increasing the courier charges. Delivery to residential locations also makes a difference as it requires a different delivery route than a business address. 

Extra charges are levied for changing delivery details, additional handling charges for heavy/delicate/dangerous goods, peak season surcharges, customs clearance surcharges, etc. Any of these charges will increase the courier charges.

Providing insurance coverage for the packages is not mandatory, but it is a safe standard industry practice to provide the same. It is an additional cost and increases courier charges.

Gati Express service offers cost-effective and time-sensitive services for parcel movement. Gati Express has two types of services, Express Distribution and Special Services.

  1. Express Distribution:
  • Express Plus: This service offers faster delivery than other average surface movement services, with direct route connectivity to all major locations in India.
  • Express: This service is a cost-effective surface cargo movement for timely delivery services. This service has 16 express distribution centers and 61 distribution warehouses to ensure timely delivery.
  • Premium Plus: This specialised service is designed to cater to time-critical shipments. The shipment will be delivered within 12 hours or the next day before noon. This is applicable across all major ports in India.
  • Premium: This specialised service is designed to cater to time-critical shipments. The shipment will be delivered within 12 hours or the next day before noon. This is applicable across all major ports in India.
  1. Special Services

Gati also provides special B2C services like Bike Express, Laabh, Surface Lite, Premium Flexilite, Art Express, and Student Express. These services assist in the delivery of smaller courier and parcel needs. These include artwork, luggage, magazines, etc., that must be shipped urgently. All shipments weighing 5 kg to 20 kg are accepted in the special services package Gati offers.

Gati offers a wide array of services designed to be flexible and scalable. These services are customised to meet the needs of different businesses across various industry sectors. 

GATI has a digitisation approach involving the latest technology. GATI has a user-friendly website with tools to calculate rates and convert weight/volume. The costing provided by the website includes freight, basic, fuel cost and extra service locations charges (ESS charges). This ESS is for additional vehicles required to complete last-mile delivery.  

The final pricing would depend on the volume of the parcel, the value of the shipment and if any special service charges. The charges are exclusive of taxes, so the final pricing will be higher based on taxation. The refund of charges may be allowed due to any force majeure condition. Force majeure condition is due to natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, storms, war, riots etc.  

  1. Visit the Gati website: Go to the Gati homepage using your preferred web browser.

2. Access the Rate & Transit Time calculator: Look for the “Tools” section on the Gati homepage. Within this section, you will find the Rate & Transit Time calculator.

3. Enter origin and destination details: In the Rate & Transit Time calculator, input the pin code details for both the origin and destination of your consignment. This information will help determine the distance and logistics involved in the shipment.

4. Provide consignment details: Fill in the necessary consignment details required for accurate pricing estimation. These details usually include the following:

  • Actual weight: Enter the weight of your consignment in kilograms.
  • Volume of consignment: If applicable, provide the volume or dimensions of your consignment.
  • Consignment value: Enter the declared value of your consignment for insurance purposes.
  • Consignment risk: Specify the level of risk associated with the consignment, if applicable.

5. Submit the details: Once you have filled in all the required information, click on the “Calculate” or “Submit” button to proceed.

6. View the estimated rates and transit time: After submitting the details, the Rate & Transit Time calculator will generate the estimated rates and transit time for the various service types offered by Gati. It is important to note that these rates are indicative and may vary based on factors such as additional services, surcharges, and any special requirements.

By following these steps, you can easily estimate the courier charges for your consignment using the Gati Rate & Transit Time calculator available on their website.

Various factors like the weight of the package, destination, shipping speed, weather conditions, and insurance all contribute to the estimation of courier charges. Using the tools provided on the Gati website, customers can get a rough estimate of the courier charges and can avail of the best services provided by Gati. With the adoption of the latest technology, Gati endeavours to provide safe and timely deliveries for its customers.

Is the actual or dimensional weight taken to calculate courier charges?

For any delivery, courier charges are based on either the dimensional or actual weight, whichever is greater.

What type of goods cannot be couriered?

Normally, dangerous goods are not carried by courier companies. But they are transported subject to specialised packaging and in special carriers designed to carry the same.

How does weather affect courier charges?

Bad weather can cause delays either at the point of origin or destination. These delays can cause additional charges at ports, transportation hubs, trucking services, etc. These additional charges will affect the courier charges too.


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